Rapper Who Snatched Shy Glizzy’s Chain Arrested On Drug Charges

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  • Brod

    That’s a long list of some heavy charges. You won’t be seeing or hearing from this dude until Sasha Obama is president or some shit. Check out his mixtape dropping on Datpiff in 2052 download it directly to your brain from the air or some shit

    • DEZn00ts_1

      Yea he doing at least 6 IN!

  • Chill Life

    Niggas are dumb as fuck if they think cops or any type of law dont look at videos like the one he released

  • LOL

  • Mz. Fiji


  • Keifus~

    I guess that karma came back and bit your narrow ass

  • Y10NRDY

    >has a zillion fucked up warrants

    >steals celebrity’s chain and tells on himself
    >gets arrested shortly thereafter

    This guy was duuuuuuuuuuuumb.

  • Johnny

    Black people when you gonna stop lmao hahaha

    • ChiTownT

      Probably about the same time white people stop fuccing animals. Get off that race shit. Stupid comes in all shades

      • Johnny

        Relax Tyrone don’t snatch my chain hahaha

        • ChiTownT

          I don’t want your chain. I’m bout to fuc your wife, long dick style

          • Johnny

            Black lives matter Tyrone don’t long dick anybody’s wife thru the computer ight hahaha

  • Twizz the Whiz Kid

    Scratching the serial number off on a firearm, is automatically an up to 10 year charge.

  • S.Dot Carta

    Dum young niggaz man…u waz gettin money why u snatchin niggaz chainz??

  • Slickeye Villain


  • ChiTownT

    This current generation seems to be more fascinated with being famous, then checking bread. If you trapping illegally stay the fucc off social media. Let this be a lesson, “You lil young dumb MFs”

  • ilikemusic.

    The real move in silence. SMH. These dudes don’t even live by the lyrics they spit…surprising lolll

  • 100squad

    Rapper career on hold but his criminal career looks promising.. I bet you as we speak his homies aint put no $ on the books, set up a visit because they probably got warrants, & one of them even hit his shawtay up on the DM,.. but hey atleast they keeping it real. haha

  • Peter Kushing

    Lol I like how this nigga robbed this pussy n took his chain. At least he leavin n doin the life he speak about unlike all these sissy rappers like shit glizzy. Too bad the nigga goin up the river now.

  • fried rice

    Niggas really don’t know how to trap these days man I swear anything for attention or jail cred they don’t have any real ol heads to school them to the does and donts to this street shit