Ramsay Tha Great Teases Chief Keef For Crying In Court

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  • Astronaut

    Sounds like bro just trying to live his life and get pass the BS. I can dig it.


      Naw he’s promoting the BS. He snitched and now he’s making jokes about it like he didn’t JUST get smashed.

  • Anthony Mitchell

    Smart guy. Avoiding the “nigga moments” as much as possible.

    • NYCityKid

      I want him to get shot so bad. I’m sorry.

      • Frank White

        these two comments could not have been more different…

        • NYCityKid

          I’m sayin, go collect your check and stfu.

    • vapaperboi .

      hes not avoiding it tho because he’s posting all this shit..like its bragging to get somebody in trouble.. if u gone call the cops call the cops..but not bragg about some shit like that..he wants attention..and attention in the wrong way

  • locodon

    Stupid niggas think like this “fuck the police. Let shit dye down, then get your gun hide in bushes after a show and start blasting. fuck who you hit (cause they never hit the right person) along as its gansta. If you get caught and sent up for life don’t matter cause it was gansta”. Obviouly this was what dumb ass Chief Keef thought and look where it got him. Dumb ass niggas!!

  • perfect

    So let me get this straight. Somebody can bust up in my house and beat the shit out of me and pistol whip me and steal my shit but Im not supposed to tell the law? If you dont want the law involved then dont break the law. These dumb asses logic blows me away.

    • Donny Marshall


  • LilNIggaGoinIn

    i just don’t like the fact this man seems happy that someone else might be away from their kids/ family for 10 years..

    • Donny Marshall

      Smh… keith’s dumbass should of thought about that.

  • aiight cool if you want to go the non street route then go ahead, especially if you not a street dude. that’s what the system is there for. but lil homie still ain’t learned his lesson in all this. nigga ya shark week mouth got ya goldfish ass taxed. and here he his still runnin his mouth, poking the bear on social media.

    just press ya charges, stay low, let your lawyer do the talking, and shut the fuck up. you don’t get no respect for braggin bout how you gone get the person who beat ya ass prison time. you just end up looking more like a bitch.

    • LatarionMilton

      Yeah thats my issue with this whole thing. Dude keeps running his mouth like he didn’t just get is ass beat, its like hes asking for it. I wouldnt keep messing with Chief Keef and his boys. Not saying that they are stone cold killers but obviously these niggas aint scared to do dirt either. Like you said, press ya chargers and keep it moving!

    • NYCityKid

      Talk to em

  • iDONTFuckWitU

    Ok let me clarify real quick about this fake nigga Ramsay. I don’t condone or listen to Cheif Keef, his music, or anything associate with him. Let’s be honest though, like we didn’t see this clown flexing guns on multiple video accounts. So now the shit you were perpetuating get’s back to you then your all about the law. Fuck that, when you were flexing you was a hard ass nigga so a nigga put you in your place and you bitching up.

  • BOny Soprano

    this nigga is a CORNBALL. Cool, you not a street dude so you cant be held to them rules. We get that. But why you playing this victim game in the media? Let the courts take care of it and stay outta dodge. Aint no sympathy for a nigga like this cuz you knew exactly what you was up against…and now you want protection? pfftt…. That’s coward shit.

  • My Starting 5

    This guy a little to happy bout the snitchin tho. We get it bro u like snitchin just shut up till u testify.

  • ike donovan

    i guess he plans on having protection all around chicago… he’s finished without a doubt. he knows he needs to stop producing for those types of artists because someone will hurt him or worse for this

  • Samisback

    I believe If you aren’t a street nigga and never pretended to be one..then you have no obligation to live by the street code, but if he portrayed himself as a street nigga..then he should live by the street code no matter what..I never heard of this guy until this so I’m not sure which side of the fence he’s on.

  • Kuntasgoodfoot

    alotta light skinned niggz act like this