Rampant Booty In YG’s ‘Pop It, Shake It’ Has Everyone Saying ‘Tip Drill’

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  • FuckYaCommentB…

    I see a lotta chicks on Twitter hating, as always. I fucked with Da video 4sho doe.

  • Shit no where near tip drill man I miss bet uncut at night

  • Rome

    Gotta try that shit with a nice booty having bitch

  • They were right though maybe I was just a horny teen when tip drill came out so I’m just living in the past lol

  • Astronaut

    My type of video

  • FaboLoso

    like the folks on twitter said tip drill gets the W for authenticity, seems like every video chick has a fake ass nowadays.

  • The King Of Armageddon

    Man, I see some niggas funny these days…..they wanna NOW talk bout “authenticity”/”real” but been going bananas over girls with fake tits and fake ass for awhile.

    I’ve always been attracted to natural, good looking bodies versus these plastic ones, so yes I agree in that regard that real tits and asses are hell of a lot better (my opinion). However, YG’s video is still as good as Nelly’s Tip Drill video. Maybe people shouldn’t be so quick to compare things from this generation to the previous generations especially if it isn’t as great or greater???? Idk.

    In the end, anybody now complaining bout fake asses and tits but didn’t say shit when it became a trend for women who felt inadequate, they are either finding reasons to hate or think they’re​ bold and courageous now for being so vocal on social media/blogs.

  • The King Of Armageddon

    Where the fuck have some of these people been?? Have people been taking that long of a nap??? More and more women have been getting all these plastic surgeries and shit for YEARS now, couldn’t speak up back then????

  • Nigga my mom used to be mad af walk in past on Friday and Saturday nights

  • Da Truth

    I say it must be yo ass cause it ain’t yo face…….take me back to high school we all done used that excuse to hit a buttahead

  • YoungPrime

    The song is generic and wack. At least during the Luke/2LiveCrew era the songs were noteworthy and bitches would dance to them at any given moment as a car drove by blasting one instead of complaining about it online. The key back then was that the songs had quality and chicks in the video’s actually looked like they were having fun and not just doing it for money…

    For all this shit here you might as well just watch a black porn flick since you’ll be muting the song anyway.

  • wow you are right! dayummm.

  • CDot

    Bruh!! Struggling to stay up to catch those videos!! Lmao!!

  • Matt Leon

    After watching both these videos uncut, I can honestly say yeah YG’s video pales in comparison.

  • Allen Smith

    Nothing bad with YG’s video…. niggas be hating, niggas be hating

  • Shout out to the hoes who spend their money on gym memberships n running shoes not silicone injections. 100