Ralo Puts Up Big Money To Prove Young Dolph Isn’t A Snitch

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  • Da Truth

    Yeah but only because Dolph wasn’t even in the truck so the nigga who gon be on the stand testifying won’t be Dolph. Still Ralo looks dumb (IMO) these so called gangsters who are really rappers is so quick to act tough on the Internet it’s boring now what do you prove by posting this? Nobody s gonna bet you. The real reason for this post is because gucci signed Ralo so Ralo wants all of gucci s enemies to be his enemies (jeezy,gotti) so basically Ralo is just another blac youngsta.

    • 100 and the fact they had evidence that linked the rental car to the shooting and to blac youngsta makes the snitching story not hold weight anymore, or need to really..

      Plus these detecs didnt have to look far to come up with a list of ppl Dolph was enemies with ffs

      • Da Truth


  • Paper work goes along with court so if his name not on them papers he ain’t snitch

    • kushxchevys

      Thats all a nigga gotta show 2 prove it…

      Not this type of fuck shit! This nigga look likes hell be quick to rat himself lol

      • Niggas so dumb on the internet man even street niggas dumb like a rat has to come to court or sign a paper either way that shit public records in this case this means bigge should of been booked when PAC got shot??? People are dumb bro lol

        • kushxchevys

          Most these mfs bogus

  • Ben Solo

    this nigga corny trying to catch publicity