Raekwon Now Reviews Mixtapes For $200

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  • wilMaster04

    this is what broke rappers do now

    • Those are the words of the day.

    • fortydogg

      networth of 12 mil is broke?

    • fortydogg

      networth of 12 millie is broke? 20yr plus rap career and member of one of hip hops greatest group of all-time.

      • wilMaster04

        nigga please

  • Iphone

    Lol and what exactly could this broke ass nigga do for me?

    • fortydogg

      networth of 12 mil is broke? 20yr plus rap career and a member of one of hip hops greatest group of all-time ……

      • isaac thompson

        Net worth isn’t money in the bank

  • Cuban Pete

    Damn! Someone had something up their ass when they wrote this.

  • If this is real, he is def sniffing something. FOH….. IDC who he is. I wouldnt pay this dude no damn 200 boogers just to most likely say something uninspiring. Just so he can say “I told you I’d review it”. And what’s with the whole scheme of , if we like it, we can do something? Whoever get’s picked for that, that’s what the 200 paid for. Just to get him to correspond with you. Somebody tell this fool (with a couple of classics) that the audience is smarter than that. ANYBODY that pays this dude or ANYONE (I smell a trend coming) 200 for a review is an idiot. IDC if they win. They WILL pay for anything else that comes with that win. LOL @ Then we’ll open up our PERSONAL studios to host a recording session with our favorite artists from the tracks sent in and work with YOU on how to improve that sound and make something iconic.


    Raekwon is worth more than you think check stats first

  • fortydogg

    Raekwon a legend yall dumb fu*ks 20 yrs plus in the game and still relevant to real hip hop heads and is a millionaire still touring and eatin of rap sumthang yall internet bi#ch rappers wish yall could do tryin to get on wit 1 single and have a 5 minute rap career. F*ck Yall bi*ches listening to you emo/mumble/one hit wonder rappers, yall dont understand this LEGEND can give u advice how to have longevity in the game and perfect your craft, better than spending money tryin to send it to bullshit A&R reps who dont know how to rap and jus wanna give u a 360 deal and eat off your work

  • S. Proper

    This is Genius its a new way to make money off music you no how many mother fuckers dropping tapes everyday some are gold some are trash… It gives him money immediately and in the long run as an AR for those artist he does choose to work with or cosign to keep himself relevant for another long run in the game…