R. Kelly Alleged Brainwash Victim Says Father Introduced Her To R&B Star [VIDEO]

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  • Da Truth

    So R Kelly still got the juice

    • capone

      Exactly mother fuckers wanted this fake story to be real so bad shit is crazy.

  • Retorik1

    She must be his bottom chick cuz aint none of the rest of them or their families in the media…This cat probably mad cuz he thought he was gonna benefit off her career and now kels benefittin from the rear cuz im sure he pied pipin the music right out her..

  • BeenASavage

    lmao her last name is the same as mine… let me find out

  • James Cotton

    she can suck my tip

  • Robert Williams

    HER daddy better stop 4 kelz put her in the hole and starve her ass for the next few days.

  • Mike Savage

    she fine tho