Quavo Speaks On Soulja Boy Beef

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  • Macshawn

    Spoken like a wise man

  • Kool

    They are some young niggaz tho lolol he’s apart of the new trash generation of music


      Migos go hard bruh. #1 Song in the country.

      • Kool

        Naw , they trash turn off the beat and listen to what they’re saying accapella lmao bet you wouldn’t understand


          I understand every word If you from down south you can but if you not you cant relate. They aren’t lyrical geniuses but they reference alot of shit that I can relate to. You just dont have any sauce.

          • wal$h

            I’m literally from UK and understand them u don’t have to be from the south of the US loool

          • Kool

            Ummm ok lmao

  • Frank White

    I fuck with that answer forreal