Quavo Says He’s Not Homophobic Because He’s Worked With Frank Ocean

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  • Grey

    Lol that like racist white people saying they have black friends.

    • HotlineQueef

      -nigger lover

    • Matt Leon

      Yeah and when they go and say stuff like “I would have voted Obama for a third term if I could”

  • shit a blind person could see makonnen was gay when he first started puttin out music. plus the nigga was a beauty school student lol

    still don’t understand why the term homophobic is thrown around ll the time. bruh nobody is afraid of gay people, and especially not to the point of a full blown phobia lol

    • ChiTownT

      Crazy how people don’t realize how oxymoronic that term is

      • man and ppl just keep sayin it like it’s just an overwhelmin, out of control fear of people who are homosexual…shit annoy the life outta me man lol

        • ChiTownT

          RS Bruh

    • Myleage

      “fear” manifests in different ways. you may not be physically scared of gay ppl but “fearing” that gays will take over the country IS homophobic.

      Anywyas, a gay person can rap about selling drugs and being on probation. So idk what Quavo is trying to say. he needs a better publicist.

      • I don’t think most ppl are afraid fearful of gay people “taking over” the country. they just don’t embrace homsexuality, and will not accept that lifestyle. and some people are just anti homosexual. you can be against something and not be afraid of what you are against. if you have ever seen a person who has an actual phobia of something, the term homophobia just sounds like a sensationalist type of word.

        yea I agree about what you said about quavo tho lol. I dont sell molly no more was still a dope track tho

        • Myleage

          you dont have to embrace gays. just dont shun them imo. there are many ppl who dont like blacks. negrophobia is real lmao. Quavo should of said nothing and let the whole mess die. I dont care about gays, blacks, whites, etc. I love and hate everyone equally. it’s all about the green tho which is why the world is fcked up.

          • in a perfect world no one would be shunned for anything, but that’s just not human nature, some ppl are just gonna get shunned. utopian socieities don’t exist. me personally I don’t give a crap who a person has sex with, it’s not my life. but some people are going to just be strongly against it, but it doesn’t mean they have a phobia of them.

            even if we didn’t have money the world would be crazy, because if for no other reason, existence itself when you really think about it is crazy. no one really knows why or how it came to be, so the majority of spend the entirety of it looking to make it make some kind of sense, while a few swear up and down they have it all figured out and try to convince others that they have made sense of the abusrdity we call existence, and eventually they split into opposing sides and argue over which group is the least ignorant lol.

          • Matt Leon

            I have never heard anyone say negrophobia but I have heard racist. I’d say you could label people like those against gays as sexists but that term is already used for a whole different thing unfortunately so that’s out.

  • Dj Cage

    I thought he meant Makonnen was faking for views and isn’t actually gay.

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    Bet money this nigga is in the closet.