Quavo May Have Lost Hard Drive With ‘Culture 2’ Tracks

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  • Blac


  • Matt Leon

    How you gon lose the very thing that is supposed to make you and your group more money? Come on, Quavo.

    • Supreme Trunks

      Like having a rock to sell and lose it in a clothes hamper

      • Matt Leon

        Lol perfect example

  • B Rabbit

    Thank God Hopefully They Lose The Booth Too Nobody Trying To Hear That Dumpster Juice

  • KarmaSapien

    Soooooo all this money and “smarts” and no one knows how to back data up??? ooooooooooook

  • Donald Trump III

    ever heard of using cloud storage? ideally that’s what it’s for. fuckin dumbass. someone tell him his solo career is about to go down the shitter

  • Johnny Doe

    All part of his plan to go solo smh

    • Craig

      Top comment