Quavo Is On A Good Chunk Of The Billboard 100

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  • Bill Jansen

    Well dam i guess the less lyrical skill you have the better these days !! It’s like the rappers that can rap do not get shine except a certain few and all the main ones that are horrible that wear horseshoe nose rings women’s clothes and chokers that cannot rap or have any lyrical skill to save their life, are what’s mainstream smh dave east and jadakiss bigsean ect should be the kings and yet these idiots like the 0 bars mumble autotune like future an lilthug uziyatchys horrible trash smfh… whhhhyyyyy are handicap speech lilbuss specialed bisexual niggas in style ??? Yall young niggas are going to hell

    • Bill Jansen

      Yea your right these new niggas are trash my g and super homo with no wordplay at all

      • Bill Jansen

        Yulp you right bring back the joebuddens jcoles nas kiss fab even ace hood way better word fam yall the best wtf hahhaah

    • Dion Willis

      It’s call making good music I didn’t know you had to be lyrical to make good music

      • realtalk

        Real hip hop fans know it’s about lyrics and most of those fans aren’t apart of this new generation of garbage artist

    • Ye’

      He just jumps on the right tracks

    • Vio

      big sean lmao

    • Mike Donovan

      you niggas are haters.. Hip hop is the only form of music where blacks cannot just enjoy the music. like what you like and disregard what you dont. It always becomes personal attacks, reverse racism and bigotry (mumble rap, gay etc.). I seriously question if any of bitch niggas just like fuckin music. No other genre of music will you find people commenting and behaving like this. true ho shit. Pure ho shit

      • Murder One

        no other genre acts like this? Go spend some time on a rock n roll forum. Even country music listeners act like this. Go look up Bro Country(lol@that shit) then come back and let me know what you find. Sounds like you want a safe space where certain forms of music is exempt from criticism. That sounds like some ho shit to me lady. Man up. This is hip hop. Deal with it.

        • Mike Donovan

          fuck social media forum.. thats not real.. interviews media.. you reall life shit nigga. Sad that you see this as real life. This goes beyond criticism. No other genre behaves like this. ieven stated opinio is opinion but the media commentary and what is accepted is focused on more that music. This is hiphop deal with it? its not hip hop.. its music and that is a sub genre created to sell music to ducks like you.. Hip hop has been and is cony as fuck long before you hating as niggas got on your mumble using shit. Mediocre music ALWAYS and niggas talkin. A far cry from the tradition of excellence we have come from in this black music shit

          • Murder One

            Nigga you’re saying this on a social media forum….I responded to shit you said on a social media forum about people on a social media forum. And somehow to you that translated into me seeing this as real life. Then you go on and cry about me hating and and mumble bla bla bla even though I never said shit about that type of music or even said the word mumble.

            What you getting emotional for? Is this nigga for real? Cause if you’re not trolling then as much as I hate to say this about people….you are genuinely stupid bruh. For real.

          • Mike Donovan

            im talking about what you said about what is said on rock music forums square. stop twistin on that ho shit. too emotional. all you need to do is read

    • Keith Shaun

      Future been out a minute.. and you can hear this nigga lyrics..

  • BrodieThaGod

    Why this Bill Jansen dude replying to his own comments and shit? Besides that tho, Migos lowkey winning 2k17 so far