Quavo Breaks Down How Drake Got On ‘Versace’

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  • Woahnow


    • LatarionMilton

      ….to receive this L, FOH with that lol

      • lol got em

      • Herbz 4 Breakfast


      • ChiTownT

        RS! This ain’t fucking WS

      • NYCityKid


      • Supreme Trunks

        Ether lol

    • ilikemusic.

      Woaaaaahhh Now, better take that shit over to HNHH….howbow dahh

  • OHBoy330

    Quovo hhe?????

  • MassConglom

    #LordInfamousMuch #ThreeSix

  • BluntsOverBitches

    You mean 36Mafias flow???

    • ike donovan

      SAID IT 2 WEEKS AGO…. BUT its not theres muthafuckas just got away from that. Migos flow is more refined

  • JazBandz485


  • JazBandz485

    How did migos get on versace

    • LoveBoat2smooth

      They got fucked up and yelled Versace 100 times in the mic and decided it was a song

      • JazBandz485

        fuck migos offset dat dude tho

  • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

    I fux with with the migos…heavy.

    • BrodieThaGod

      They’re Ight, definitely better than they used to be

      • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

        Yeah, you right. I went way to hard with that “heavy” comment……..I was smoking at the time. I rotate a few songs though.