Quantasia Sharpton Is Suing Usher For Exposing Her To Herpes [VIDEO]

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  • Jesse Mccree

    These the chicks dudes be talkin about when they say “I like my girls thick”. Drake got people fucked up. He fucks instagram models with giant fake tits and they go around smashing girls like this. And if your girl is thick now – this is her after the baby if you don’t pull out. So strap up niggas

  • JJonah

    Usher, usher, usher smh

  • Craig

    I think Tyler the creator said it best. YOU FAT LYING BITCH.

    • Herbz 4 Breakfast

      Who gives a fuck about what that Butt Pirate says?

      • Johnathan Dough

        Ah hahaha

    • MartyMcFly

      “Why the fuck you lyin? Why you always lyin……mmmmmm oh my god. Stop fuckin lyin!”

    • Manny Bravo


  • Ahh Real Fudgin Monsters

    Damn we got R.Kelly with the Young chick circus act.
    Usher out here giving his & hers herpes like it’s a candy collection.
    Bobby Valentino can’t pay the trannies he likes to sleep with but takes photos with them.

    It’s been pretty bad for Rnb singers lately.

  • CDot

    Lmao! Facts! She definitely buggin. She may hit the jackpot with a tell all interview but we all know it’s bogus.

  • Us Kzar

    He might by in suicide watch..her and a dude? If the broads look like this..homeboy must be a monster

    • HotlineQueef

      finally the saggy faced nigger is right

      • kushxchevys

        Saggy face MF! Lmao i cant stand this guy!!

        • Us Kzar

          Just block that gay bitch made lil mark..i did..and you will too..

  • HotlineQueef

    no way usher fucked this 300 LB marshmellow

    • Poopmaster

      Oh yea he did. Brothas and homies be loving them thick thick bitches more weight for our girth…..yea I love a thick bitch too.

      • NYCityKid

        Alot ah niggas I know be wit the thick thick bitch shit, especially niggas who fuck madd ho’s in general.

        • Poopmaster

          That’s all I’m saying.

          • NYCityKid

            Word being around that shit you end up being wit the shits ur damn self. Lol

          • Poopmaster

            Well like some other cat on here stated “she obese” and after re-watching the vid I gotta agree. I can’t say I’ve been to that point but I’ve been wit some thick bitches, and I do mean thick but not obese. I get that shit for sure though big girls just dish out more love so to speak lol

          • NYCityKid


          • NYCityKid

            Me neither but I wouldn’t put it pass myself given the opportunity. Especially if she was all clean and smelling like baby powder. Lol

          • Poopmaster

            Word, I can vibe wit that. Love me some johnsons baby powder lol

      • Melo

        She isn’t thick, she’s obese!

        • Poopmaster

          Yea I guess you right lol. This bitch obese but there some fine ass thick hoes out there that give some of the best lovin. I don’t know what the fuck usher thinking lol

    • Killa Cam Newton

      Damn homie you still on here

      • HotlineQueef

        damn nigger u still niggin?

        • Killa Cam Newton

          I’ll wait until your alter ego comments and have a decent back and forth

          • HotlineQueef

            why dont you vomit digested sea food into my ass hole

    • Worldwide Intentionz

      Lol Usher love big women.. His ex wife was one.

      • HotlineQueef

        no fuck you retard

        • Worldwide Intentionz

          Fuck you wet booty fag

  • HotlineQueef


  • Nate

    Anybody who hires Lisa Bloom or her mother is a liar period. How do people even tolerate this tomfoolery?

  • YoungPrime

    So she claims she doesn’t have it but is still suing????

  • Mike Power

    If this white bitch attorney Lisa Bloom, wins this fat bitch case, Johnny Cochran will come back from the dead.. I hate lyin ass bitches!!

  • Mike Savage


  • NYCityKid

    Wtf!? She ain’t get herpes but she suing cause she coulda got it!? 2017 shit.

  • Ben Blazon

    Lol, she didn’t contract it but she still wants some bread? Foh Fantasia to the 4th Power

  • Ben Blazon

    Nice execution

  • Ben Blazon

    Boy on a roll on with this one…

  • Manny Bravo

    Not trying to be mean, but I’m hoping she didn’t look like this at 19. If so, what the fuck was Usher doing?

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  • YoungPrime

    So if Usher took this ungrateful fat bitch out to dinner can she also sue for being exposed to diabetes high blood pressure and heart disease to?

  • Red October

    But let’s really discuss the fact that she tested NEGATIVE for it but is still suing on a maybe he had it

  • Mike Bigmike Bryant

    man all these bitches cummin out sayin they got herpes like that shit cute

  • Poopmaster

    All you foo’s that don’t believe he piped down this thick bitch need to educate themselves on that BBW love lol I totally believe he piped down this bitch. I mean the nigga got herpes you think usher got standards? I sure don’t, usher still a nasty ass hood nigga.

  • d1gord

    I just can’t wait till this guy pops up that’s saying usher gave him herpes

  • A Jay

    Shit I’d sue her for saying I was with her damn Usher lol

  • Mike

    Is pigs pussy pork oh he fucked.

  • Andrew Trevillian

    This post was made for the comment section, period.

  • Killa Cam Newton

    Myyyy nigggga herbz ..WSHH banned me one of those bots glitched my account

  • yolkipalki69

    she just want someone to pay for her surgery of fat reduction.

  • Da Truth

    Bih need to be suing her mom for exposing her to food

  • Mary L. Moore