Pusha T Takes Shots At Birdman And Lil Wayne In ‘Untouchable’

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  • A Jay

    Let’s get one thing straight Push T NEEDS to stop sneak dissin this what like 3-4 times now? Pusha good but he not on Wayne level. GOOD music has been one of the biggest let downs rebuild that with Ye and actually make good no better music!

    • SY

      Pusha would body Wayne…. Wayne overrated as fuck

      • Ned Flanders

        i wouldn’t say Wayne is overrated, he isn’t the same rapper he was back in 05-10.. but wayne is far from overrated… i like Pusha T tho

        • Dom Brown


        • BuyEmAnWearEm

          Dead on

        • Ye’

          Wayne still raw af he just raps different

        • kautious18

          U think Wayne would still have his spot if he wasn’t pushed out by drake

        • fried rice

          Yea because then Wayne had gillie the kid ghost writing for him…..his whole style is a philly nigga style proof is on video and a lot of videos.

      • kushxchevys

        Get out of here lol

      • Ye’

        Never in a million years

    • #Worklife

      This is not sneak dissing

    • Leekluv216

      SNEAK DISSING?! LMFAO Push has made it clear several times that he has an issue with Wayne and Baby, this is no secret bruh.

      “Sorry but, I don’t respect who you applauding/Little nigga flow, but his metaphors boring/
      Don’t make me turn daddy’s little girl to orphan/That would mean I’d have to kill Baby like abortion!”

      No sneak dissing at all…

    • fried rice

      No sneak dissing he keeping it 100 I guess cause he ain’t tweet him it it’s a sneak diss lol

  • ilikemusic.

    Nahhh Pusha T needs to keep that shit going….maybe it’ll motivate Wayne to get his life together before retirement. Now his timing is a little off in my opinion….I mean Wayne is recording No Ceilings 2 at the moment so Push may have spoke too soon, but only time will tell I suppose.

    • A Jay

      Bruh no offense but everybody about to be on Wayne dick riding after mixtape and album, he took too long to drop. Pusha always doing this but he deserves more credit for his music too.

      • Phillip Narcisse

        I’m from Louisiana I been a wayne fan so no fick riding here way before pusha t was a rapper #Fan

  • MrMc Clay

    Get wayne get some very good producers for other artist good move.

  • Mike Fame

    When Wayne drop some hot shit ,you same niggas will be on his dick again. SMH

    • Jõşěph Řøgěrş

      Because fans wanna hear hot shit stupid. duh.

      • Mike Fame

        I want your moms mouth on my dick duh!

  • LatarionMilton

    Oh here we go Pusha T on Waynes dick yet again, this is sickening

  • MartyMcFly

    Only time i’ve heard pusha T’s name the past 10 years is when he’s tried beefin with wayne lol. Mr irrelevant

    • clearly you don’t keep your ear to the ground bcz you missed a ton of great Pusha Ton music in the past 5-10 years.

      • MartyMcFly

        Trust me, for the lyrics he comes out with ive tried giving em a chance multiple times. Guy sounds the same on every song. I get bored after 3-4 songs of the same flow and delivery. He’s got bars tho

        • I don’t trust you.

  • Ye’

    Wayne still in my top 5