Pusha T Dismisses Drake’s Diss On ‘Two Birds, One Stone’

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  • Shaun

    Don’t acknowledge it. Smart move career wise and musically. He knows drakes status in the game rn is too high for him to comment and not get attacked by Drake stans. He also knows he could body drake at any given moment, which is why he dismissed it the way he did.

    Side Note : Anybody else think Cole was taking shots at Drake on his new track False Prophets? Or am I trippin?

    • burk

      Nah, he ain’t that reckless

    • geeeeeked

      I thought the same thing about that Cole track. Drake fit a lot of the lines too (particularly the one about his last album being trash), but I don’t think Cole ever looked up to Drake like he talks about

      • B_Low

        not so. drake fans cant attack push budden or common. they are lyricist

    • BiggMike

      No I think he’s talking about Kanye

      • Shaun

        I know that , but the last lines he said in the first verse about ghost writing and biting style ?? Sounds like drake to me

        • Kanye uses ghost writers and has been known to bite style too. This coming from a huge Kanye fan, I am just saying those things could apply to Kanye too. But since his music is consistently better than J Cole’s I say don’t try to fix it if it isn’t broken.

          • Shaun

            Idk about consistently. You really can’t compare the two because they are on two different platforms. Which is why Cole still looks up to him, or at least he did.

          • Leekluv216

            Very well put fam

    • Spookeysmoker

      He came at everybody imo even jay z

      • Shaun

        I swear to god I was thinking that too. If you think about it , him and Jay don’t seem that close in the first place

        • Leekluv216

          Are you and your boss close? Me and mine aren’t… Just because niccas aint close doesnt mean shots headed their way. Its a business fam, Jay is like 20 to 25 years older than Cole. They were never peers, only superior/subordinate type relationship.

          • Shaun

            If you listen to Cole’s music though, you would notice that every album he dropped, he expresses his admiration for him. That’s more than a employer/employee type of relationship. Even if Hov never speaks Cole’s name , Cole still acknowledges him which is more than what all these other signed rappers do to the people that jump start they careers.

        • Spookeysmoker

          Exactly he seem like he rather be around Nas and j don’t like that

  • Astronaut

    Pusha T cant hoop tho. Seen him and No Malice playing ball.

    • Frank White

      wait what…..

  • When Pusha been dissing Drake for years and he never responded ya called him a pussy. Now that he responded and Pusha ignores it hes a real nigga? Ya some favortism, dickriding ass lames man Pusha a bitch. This hip hop pussy u wanted this since Exodus man up

    • **

    • Johnny Doe

      Nigga tf you takin about? Half the posts on here are about drake. You’re the number one drake dickrider on here. Mad af one article doesn’t praise your god Drake

    • youareincorrectbitchnigga

      how do yall get online and call ppl out of their names for no reason its crazy what did pusha t do to you?

      • T guest

        I’ve never seen a nigga take up so much for a nigga that don’t know em

        • youareincorrectbitchnigga

          lol i dont really mind the defending their favorite rapper but to start calling niggas bitches is wild

    • chalie c

      really he could be talking bout meek too

  • BrodieThaGod

    Pusha don’t want that type of problem.

  • ChiCity300

    push scared he dont have no bars for drake. that’s why he hate on Cyhi so much.

  • 2k fans

    If half the shit Pusha T split in his song was true, his ass would have been lock up long time ago. He could have been a drug dealer but he is definitely exaggerating his stories.

    • Imventing

      i mean he not flashing the shit, thats how bobby shmruda got locked up.. pusha t damn well close to pushing 40. he don’t care about the glamour. he knows what he did.
      like j. cole said
      “My highest moments come from tellin’ all the saddest stories, I’ve seen in my life, I be fiendin’ to write” which is how almost every rapper came up. talk is talk but only the person that did it knows whether its true or not. Im educated about the topic of drugs but i can metaphorically express that shit 100 different ways bc i never personally, physically, came in contact with that shit.
      all he can say in defense is that its called talent im assuming. lol he’s an artist.

    • Imventing

      but then again, idk shit about rick ross other than him being an officer so then again maybe they all lying.

    • T guest

      You haven’t herd when him n his brother almost got caught? They nigga got caught though and doin football numbers

  • If you was wondering where Drake army of dickriders were…here they are. Yall prolly banned from worldstar for riding so much Aubrey cock n balls


    He already lyrically killed drake years ago why respond to an over emotional wannabe from Canada lol. It took him 5 years to come at push cut the bs

  • tommyfilmore47

    Drake sold girl scout cookies. Even if it was true bout push it’s still more dirt than degrassi drake ever did.

  • Senor Binns

    He ducking the fade from drake, rappers are now scared of Aubrey, what a time…

  • MasonLestat

    Pusha T is wack, Drake killin everybody with intellect