Puff Daddy Celebrates 50 Cent’s Birthday

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  • D-City718

    Happy Birthday to Big Homie Fif Effen vodka we Don’t Drink that Puffy Juice lol respected puffs shout out tho Salute

  • John Best

    They make so much money lol.


    Reply by Flash on February 7, 2012 at 10:44am

    i bet you never seen a pu$$y in your face ever, go f*ck yourself fa*ggot

  • Real Amazin Sr

    Happy bday Fifty….been a 50 Fan since the beginning….50 = real nigga

  • King Barz

    I kno fif turnin up

  • Somebody that Nobody knows

    Y’all flooding the comment section with happy birthdays like 50 gon read them shits lol y’all better off leaving a comment on his instagram or Twitter

    • King Barz

      Well then what shud we say then

  • Samisback

    diddy’s taking the “kill him with kindness” route..lol