Princeton Students Petitioning To Stop Big Sean Show Because He Promotes Rape Culture

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  • KarmaSapien

    People really have nothing better to do with themselves but complain.

  • YungShoota2

    what is it suppose to say?

    “If she look good, I’m her slave fa life”

    “If she look good, I ask her questions about the things she likes. I get to know her over a few months time. Uh, bounce wit me now. Uh Bounce wit me now.”

    • PrnctSnr

      More of what you quoted and less of “I’m so dressed up but I pull her dress down, by the time she wake up, I’m in the next town” and “she hopped on my lap even took a pick up on it, and I passed her to my niggas cause I don’t really want it” from “I don’t think they want it”

      • YungShoota2

        You guys got into Princeton. You have to be smarter than this. By this, I mean spending your time on this…. this is more male independence than it is “rape”. I think big sean implies more than he is so cool that girls jump all over him, rather than implying he is forcfully raping women and running to the next town once they wake up from date rape drugs.

        I pretty much jus think you guys/girls are idiots.

  • Some people just want to be seen, good or bad

  • this asshole

    Wat a bunch of bitches. Nerds that don’t even know what rap is. U spit a few curse words and they think its so bad.

    • this asshole

      One morrrre thing, they need 2 grow a pair lol

  • Jeffrey Valera

    Ummm he’s a rapper not a fuckin R&B artist what do you expect. And honestly compared to a lot of shit I’ve heard other rappers say (cough cough eminem) Sean is light with the negativity. They left out he mentions God all over his music. Dick heads

    • Yung Shoota

      bruh u white

      • Dixon Yamutha

        And you’re black? How is that relevant. Ohhhhh, I get it, because I’m white, I can’t understand hip hop. I’m not going to take offense to your racist comment, mostly because your “sentence” looks like a 4 year old wrote it, but more so because YES, I am white….and proud and enjoying my white privilege. You can keep your deep understanding of hip hop, I’ll enjoy not being shot by police and having doors open for me simply because my skin makes me trust worthy. Last time I checked, there are a TON of dope ass white emcees. Do the world a favor, go back to school and focus more on educating yourself and less on jordans and weed.

      • Eh

        bruh u black

      • Boogaloo

        Bruh u monkey

    • XLR8

      The lyric that’s posted doesn’t even sound like anything rape related. They can say its sexist and offensive to women but nothing rape like.

      • けったん

        Um.. yes it does.
        “If you look good, you will have sex with me (i.e. pay me in sex), whether you want to or not.”
        That’s what he’s saying. If you think telling women, if they look good, you’re going to have sex with them isn’t rape-related, then you’re a rape apologist.

        • XLR8

          That isn’t how that’s translated, he’s basically saying “all good looking women owe him sex” speaking as if he’s a gift for women therefore you’re paying for the gift.

          • けったん

            “All good-looking women owe me sex” is promoting rape culture as well. Men are conditioned to believe that a woman’s body is a commodity, that belongs to men. Also, if pay = suffer, then how does that not correlate to rape? People are forced to pay for things all the time. Anything can be a forced action.

          • XLR8

            By your definition pay = suffer but by my definition pay = pay. Yes you are right, SOME men believe women are a commodity but still that doesn’t make him capable of rape. When men think like that, that makes them a sexist not a rapist.

            No one can force a payment, that’s what late fees and other charges are set up for. They can sway you to make payments but they can’t physically force you to do anything.

          • けったん

            It makes them a misogynist, and a rape apologist, AS WELL AS sexist. The fact that you’re continuing with your “payment” metaphor just cements the fact that you see women as objects as well. You have been conditioned the way every other man has, and when you accept that men (men != every single man ever) are like this, then maybe you’ll understand your privilege a bit better.

          • Hashtag$lingin$lasha

            What exactly are you trying to accomplish here

        • Boogaloo

          Go listen to some Elton John then bitch if you wanna listen to some fruity soft shit

  • Light Dat Blunt

    Pure Feminism at its best, thats why this shit is corrupt. Its just like filing a lawsuit over some shit that happened 8 years ago.

  • ITS ME

    I fuckin hate college students. Have nothing better to do with their time than to stir the pot with something fucking stupid. Not to mention, their liberal professors brainwash them. Makes me ashamed to be a college student myself

    • Yung Shoota

      bruh i said that shit mad times n niggas hate on me for speakin the truth. school is gay af bruh .its just whites tryna to teach niggas to act like whites n learn some bullshit that dont mean nothin. i quit school in 10th grade when i was makin more money then the white teachers. the fuck they gonna tell me when they broke af n some losers. nigga i aint tryna to ware no damn tie to work lookin like some damn coon workin for a white boss. i aint nobody slave. fuck school bruh.

      • S-B livin’

        Probably should have stayed in school…

      • Jay

        Lmaooooo just shoot yourself please.

      • Eh

        “i aint nobody slave. fuck school bruh.”

        LMFAO, you pay for a higher understanding of the world depending on the class/courses you purchase. It’s to make oneself more knowledgeable. Nobody forces school onto anyone. I honestly can’t tell if you are trolling or dead serious. If you are trolling, nice, you got me to respond. Fag. If you are dead serious, you need to go back to highschool/gradeschool and take History/English/Math/Biology. Or just keep doing you and don’t procreate. Or kill yourself. Whichever.

    • Real Fan

      You obviously aren’t learning anything there.

      • ITS ME

        you sound like a brainwashed liberal that is probably in support of these students’ campaign

  • Yung Shoota

    that nigga big sean soft af he aint never rape nobody. that nigga can rap ok but he pussy af.

    • People’s Champ

      So because he’s never raped someone that makes him soft? I see Big Bubba taught you well while he was raping you prison.

  • Radical Edward

    Well that’s some weak ass lyrics anyway

  • EatingBooty

    White people at it again… Smh