Potential Kendrick Lamar Tracklist Leaks

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  • Supreme Trunks

    First of all King Kendrick coming but he bringin Ye, Q-tip, Bilal,Anderson Paak, Terrace Martin with production from Alchemist, Swizz, and Cardo!?? I’m hype af. This bout to be a classic

    • Herbz 4 Breakfast

      I don’t believe it’s the real playlist. They pulled this same stunt around the time TPAB came out and it was almost entirely wrong….Besides, what’s a track list without listening to it? I can’t wait to hear the new album.

      • ilikemusic.

        it’s real.

    • imaginationsequation

      other than ye, today’s fan don’t know any of those other people or their music, so people will say his next album suck. He’ll have to add skrrt skrrt yuh to his flow to stay “relevant”. Off titles, I’m looking forward to Commercialized failed experiments, I just like the title

      • BC

        i don’t know why people would “say his next album suck” based on these rumored featured performers and producers. people consider tpab a classic. bilal, thundercat, anna wise, flying lotus, and terrace martin all worked on tpab with him, so your logic makes no sense. andre 3000, d’angelo, q-tip, and anderson paak aren’t exactly unknown names either. have a little more faith in “today’s fan”.

        • BC

          nevermind. i just read your other comments. head back to the bridge, troll.

        • imaginationsequation

          sarcasm isn’t your strong suit. not sure where troll comes in either, all those names you just typed, how many are spoken of on this site? what’s common to you isn’t to others, and while you say tpab was a classic, theyre others who would disagree

    • LatarionMilton

      Yeah this tracklist is looking nice

    • TKingLives

      and 3000.

    • Kilomojo

      put some respek on d’angelos name bro can’t just not mention him like that

  • Miami_Mayor24

    It’s been a great year for music so far.

    • Herbz 4 Breakfast

      Has it? What’s all the “great” music you’ve heard this year?

      • Miami_Mayor24

        Relatively speaking

      • Whitedude

        I actually stopped to think about this and realized that most of what I’m currently listening to isn’t from 2017. Kinda been a weak year lol anybody dropping anything soon that I should be on the look-out for?

  • bawse

    I’m not into saying I like wack shit just so I sound intellectual, so I wasn’t a big fan to his pimping bugs album which was like a jam band album not a rap album. I didn’t fall for the hype there…but I am hoping this gets back to rap like section 80 and mad city, which were some of the best rap of all time.

    • Cj Spear

      -didn’t really listen to tpab head ass

  • Allen Smith

    I don’t know about some of these features man, hope he comes with the heat that everybody wants

  • imaginationsequation

    Dag no drake, migos, or future feature, this album gonna suck. This dude got Andre 3000 q tip and paak Anderson features lol. Y’all get mad at actual hip hop albums, please stay away from Kendrick next project, if you said tpab was corny or boring, you shouldn’t look forward to the next project cause its not gonna be a pop album. Fickle ass fans, let’s hope Kendrick learned how to sing dance and mix his raps with Jamaican talk

    • ike donovan

      while i see what you are trying to do, why the fuck cant you just enjoy MUSIC whatever moves you and get off this hip hop categorized bullshit and fake boones farm low brow eltism. just do you man. its music. you like what you like and others like what they like. Thats one of the worst aspects of hip hop are fans (not lovers of music) like you. Corny as fuck and one element that makes hip hop come off as corny as fuck

      • imaginationsequation

        Quiet you. your the person who was pissed cause little black kids wear rock band t shirts and you claim they don’t know anything about the band or the artist, like you know those children and the music they listen to. I listen to everything and have since I was in the single digits. What I’m getting at and what you don’t understand is how Kendrick last album was considered boring, Cole last album boring, today’s fan, or consumer rather doesn’t want lyrics or bars, they want a crazy beat and features of who’s hot and anything cash money. That’s not my opinion but a fact, a lot of these artist today don’t even consider themselves rappers but what are they categorized in. Even drake supposedly finally admitted his last album wasn’t a rap album, but what is he always considered and looked at as he’s just a rapper but he’s more. You usually sound dumb here dude, and today’s no different

  • la’flame

    Thiiis album bouta be another classiiic!! iii’s to my alumniii

  • Daniel King

    I’ll be downloading this album anyways wether tracklist is legit or fake will be 1st album I’ll be checking out this year and I got a feeling it will be worth the wait

  • Poopmaster

    Damn d’angelo, I hope this album is real soulful and poetic like the last one can’t wait

  • lyric _


  • ilikemusic.

    The King has returned. He’s got an army with him too I see. #KungFuKenny