Post Malone Has Art And A Date For ‘Stoney’

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  • BrodieThaGod

    Only thing I’ve liked from him was his feature on the Kanan Tape

    • ilikemusic.

      His mixtape August 28th had some bangers on it. Money Made Me Do It rides

      • BrodieThaGod

        I never got into White Iverson and only tried listening to 1 other song so I could be sleeping. Ill check that out

        • ilikemusic.

          August 26th is the mixtape it’s on Datpiff

      • BenBlazon

        *26 the mixtape was alright with a very gloomy, trance-like vibe to it..
        I was looking forward to hearing more from him after “Too Young” and a couple other songs, but (I guess) the pressure made him feel like he wasn’t going to deliver, so he said he was experimenting with different genres of music not only hip hop. But that’s what everyone wanted from him. We’ll see what he does with Stoney, hopefully he can get some of his old fans back.

        • ilikemusic.

          Thank you for the correction Yea I think he’ll be just fine. he’s surrounded himself with the right people

  • ChiCity300

    this nigga lost his card already only white wired meth heads listing to him now he done.

  • Johnathan Dough

    Thought he was going to focus on making country music? Foh nigga we do not want you!

  • tommyfilmore47


  • I got an answer for ya BRAH we don’t want you to be a part of hip hop FOH

    • Mike Donovan

      fuck you you real niggas rock with post. Speak for your hatin ass self. White iverson was so cold and the chooped and screwed version by DJ Slim K. Have a seat.

      • 5 Words that should never be repeated SON….”White iverson was so cold”

        • Mike Donovan

          fuck your opinion… you fake elitist are not lovers of music. youre fans. thats why you bring all this extra shit in the mix and hate on the next generation instead of just enjoying the music. So old and closed. Wisdom should open yourm mind as you get older Like what you like and fuck up nigga

        • Mike Donovan

          and a faggot OLD nigga liked his own comment. Thats very millennial SON

          • I stand by my comment. This cracker prolly looks like post Malone in real life… You a faggot SON

          • Mike Donovan

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          • Mike Donovan

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          • Mike Donovan

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          • Mike Donovan

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          • Mike Donovan

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  • Astronaut

    I got respect for Post Malone tho. Id still hoop on Em tho.

  • Allen Smith

    Don’t sleep on Post his recent Mixtapez have been quality stuff