Petition To Have Iggy Azalea’s Best Song Billboard Award Stripped Should Pass

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  • wilMaster04

    she deserves the award the song was a mega hit

    • 2real4tv

      That song was wack as fuck. Just like she is.

      • Craig

        She does not deserve the award for the song simply because she did not write it. That goes in the R&B world but for a hip hop artist hell no.

  • real nigga dylan

    What a bunch of haters. there’s always next year lol. its not like she won a grammy

  • Both Songs Are Trash LOL

  • Junko Mihori

    Fuck It…. hated that shit anyway.

  • Leekluv216

    So let me get this straight, you want to strip the award away from a trash song and give it to another trash song? I’m so confused.. lol

    • KA

      LOL !

    • DarkAssKnight

      lmao word

    • jbise9420

      Watchu mean? Annaconda is like tupac level lyricism (much sarcasm) lol

  • Ruvik

    Yea she been taking Ls cus shes white. She spits the same shit every other female rapper says.

    • 2 Great

      crap and white is two things

  • King Barz

    Im not much of a fan of iggy but whoevr started tht petion is a straight bitch cuz i bet if her dumass woon the title she wudnt hav opened her effin mouth

  • he who shall not be named

    All ima say is why all the hate to iggy when its plenty of other fakes out there who get passes? thats jus my opinion tho.

  • catttx

    Iggy needs to be banned from producing music. And anaconda is not a good song either… what is music now? Smh this is horrible.

  • Light Dat Blunt

    Niggas will start a petition for this dumb bitch & not for these corrupt politicians & government officials.

  • 2 Great

    every other songs were crap too let it slide lol

  • piti

    Because she white..there tired of giving to nicki…

  • John Best

    why do you people care about iggy azealia so much? that’s a better question. If you all don’t think she’s a real rapper, then stop putting her in your articles. AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT TELL ME YOU POST THESE BECAUSE WE CLICK THEM. THAT MAKES YOU A COMPLETE MORON. anyway…. yeah it’s really not a big deal because even you guys said awards mean shit. stop being hoes HHE.. please

  • Mega

    Cormega – Industry was the best hip hop track in 2014 people just don’t wanna recognize.

  • Drew Mann

    The only damn reason y’all hate this girl so much is she’s white. Love to accuse every white person of being racist but it’s fine if blacks are racist to the core. Don’t like her? Then quit talking bout her all the time.

    • Craig

      If that argument were true we would hate Eminem, Maclemore, MGK, G easy, Rittz, Action Bronson and the other white artist. But we dont…. now what. Iggy is a puppet look at the song credits for fancy….. there were seven other writers on that song…. this was not an R&B ballet this was a simple hip hop song. She has a team of people that write her raps…..Do not pass go and do not try and make this a race issue just because you were fooled by this chick and want to get your racist shit out.

    • SlimJuve25

      Lmao white people even tho they cheated the artist that made music during the correct time frame, it okay cause she is white an if any black person have a problem they are all racist to the core . . . . damn where kanye when you need him

  • buff24seven

    awe Nicki Minaj,poor baby jealous

  • Twizz the Whiz Kid

    They basically went out of their way to even nominate her for this award in the first place. Breaking & bending rules just to reward someone for selling the most records during a certain time period, what a violation.

  • Brittany Angeloflight Davenpor

    people needs to learn your facts ! she do write her own lyrics its just before she became a rapper said it her self that the first time she rapped people would say her raps sucked so some and help her write her raps at least she can amisnts she and help with pretty girls song there no reason why she should get stripped if any one get stripped its nicki with ehr dirty ass lyrics that shit should be banned i feel sorry for the parents and them self for listening to nicki songs you a bad bitch uh oh so you a female dog cause last time i checked bitch mean a female dog, wolf, fox, or otter nicki shit and real rap she dont know real rap she just saying how she got good p$$y money how she can sleep with every dude even take your boyfriend you sleep with all them boys you a thisry ass hoe thirsty for attention i said it before putting your ass on your cover cd is not lady like calling your self a Barbie is not lady like i can make a whole list but im not about to every motha fucker rapper have ghost writers iggy is not the only one Azaliea Banks has never wont a B.E.T award that i know of she never been nominated that i know of because Azaliea Banks came right around the same time iggy did why you even bother to go to the Grammies and award show you just gonna get disappointed she needs to stop talking all that shit until you win some thing shut the fuck up please

    PS. feel free to auto correct dont be rude about it i love iggy Azalea but the people (GENERAL) is treating her like nothing learn some respect