OVO Hush Clowns Meek Mill For Remixing Back To Back

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  • The troll

    Smfh meek still dont realize he lost already lmfaoo. . Nobody cares about that shit anymore, srakes doss was nominated for a grammy bruh, gameover

    • DJ Dee

      Dude gotta be slow or is he really trying to impress Nicki

    • Derrell J Battle

      lost what? meek never took this guy seriously, drake had to be the one to go hard because he a singing/pop/actor guy. Meek came from the bottom… at lease drake was already in the entertainment business. #RealRecognizeReal drake is a #6fraud , he don’t be writing his shit,

      • Original Soda


      • Omar

        Exactly drake ain’t say nothing yet about the ghost writer thing

        • You claim to hate Drake yet on every article with his name tied to it. And u be here early, u a lowkey fan lol

          • Omar

            Can I make one comment without someone saying something stupid lol you stalking me on here I swear

          • Nigga this one of the sites I check for news when I get home from a long day and see you and bum ass HotlineQeef always saying dumb shit hating smh

          • Omar

            You acting like u don’t be here early too lol I bet if u ain’t see my comment u wouldn’t say shit straight up hater

          • Mich Montana

            difference between him and you is you come to promote drake through hatred and at the end of the day if your not saying to his face or @ him then you just a pussy lol

        • Josh Ogren

          So y’all sayin because drake wasn’t broke growing up and was smart enough to get into the business early and expand to other things besides music and grow his fan base he’s a fraud?your guys definition of started from the bottom sounds a little one dimensional.even growin up rich unless you have natural born talent u don’t get where drake is.think about this.drake is no diss type rapper not a battle rapper at all .the game is cut throat people will come at you just for comin up and the way to prepare for that is grow your fan base work your ass off to have loyal supporters to back up his ethic and fuck what haters say.he don’t have to respond.Meeks like a bull in a China shop,drake has finesse.

      • Lord Supreme Shalik

        SUPER dick rider, you’re heavy in denial. Please do your research on the show drake was acting on, it wasn’t a network hit and though it still lives it still hasn’t done much for the prior and existing actors on the show. meek is trash always been trash, hip hop isn’t in the 80’s anymore you don’t have to be from the bottom to be nice. If that’s the case you should hate your favorite rappers kid(s) when they get a chance because they’re not from the bottom either.

        • Mich Montana

          its all true lol people who claim fake is the new real has no idea that it was fake to begin with

      • ITS ME

        having fun sucking meek mill dick?? how’s nikkis spit taste gay fuck!!!

  • YKokoM

    Now ovo hush is writing drakes tweets too?

    • Original Soda


  • Muzzo Lewis

    i aint hear this shit . niggas gone hate Meek for no reason

    • Original Soda

      facts bro!!!!

  • Teresa Blue

    Game over meek mills lol

  • bigwangslanger

    I wish meek mill and hush would stfu!

    • corey0512

      Or just stop clicking on articles about them

      • bigwangslanger

        U got me there

  • Derek Bravo

    What’s the point of these rappers always deleting everything they post. Like as soon as you post that shit a bunch of people already screenshot it. And then you just look like a bitch for not manning up and sticking by your word

    • Yeah I don’t get it! Its like dude just leave it up and be a man about what you just fuckin said!

  • Flawdagirl_d

    Shout out to all my boss bitches wife’n niggas …lmao that song was humiliating it don’t matter who wrote it

    • Original Soda


      • Flawdagirl_d


  • Original Soda

    Frfr meek season coming up!!!, you drake dick suckas are the worst and we THE MIGHTY EMPIRE IS ON A TAKeOVER BOI!!!!!!!!

    • -Meek dickrider

    • King Isaiah

      Drake dick rider!!! Meek always was and still winning cause like any REAL rapper and MAN he not playing childish games and running his mouth… if Drake really rap better and ain’t worried why stop his music from playing through apple cause he know he gone chew his ass up…. MEEK TAKEOVER COMING SOON TOO A BEAT NEAR YOU

      • Vincent Hawkins

        Running his mouth is what started all this…..just saying

    • Josh Ogren
  • John Doe

    Hush doing everything but HUSHING tf up. I’ve never seen a nigga with 0 credibility in the game attack other artists. This guy is acting like he’s dropped a couple albums and a tape.

  • OVO Hush

  • Leekluv216

    Damn Meek can win even if he blew out the competition. I personally don’t like the dude, but he didn’t do shit to deserve all of this hatred towards him. The dude had a MINOR…MINOR 2 song rap battle with Drake after some tweets, and came out a loser in the battle fair and square but damn let the dude live. Sad part is Drake would win even in defeat just because of his following. It would be pointless for Pusha to torch him over a beat because clearly this isn’t and was NEVER about bars. Today’s battles are about who can create the best meme’s and who has the most followers, that person will automatically win! Sad

    • Vincent Hawkins

      Naw bruh….its how Meek went about the whole situation and his track record for doing that type of shit…..you mad at a nigga because he ain’t tweet your album then, tried to expose him then, said he had destruction set up, gave a date and never came thru but, Drake dropped that diss when Meek was supposed to….THEN, he just started finding L after L….
      Went after Wale’….so many reasons…
      I get it but….if you can’t match, don’t come.
      Meek got bars but, he just didn’t do this right…IMO

      • Leekluv216

        V, I agree with you 100! Trust and believe the nicca Meek made himself look extra corny for his emotional antics but why isn’t that water under the bridge? When does the name calling and hatred stop is my only question.

        • Vincent Hawkins

          The internet is the main culprit…. You take away that, it may have been more if an even battle

      • black adam

        lol it sounded like you said meek had bars.

        • Vincent Hawkins

          I mean, he’s not a punch line rapper but, his style us true to who he is and if you look into that, his bars have substance.
          Before this Drake debacle, he was held in higher regard by many ppl….js
          I’m not really a fan of either..

          • Leekluv216

            V that’s my point right there bruh!! You said “Before the Drake debacle he was held in higher regards by many ppl.” That’s fact V! Now cats gotta be closet Meek fans or they are getting roasted like him and that’s corny fam. Its not a popularity contest, its music between 2 dudes nothing more or less. And again, the shit was never about bars! Takeover, Either etc. was a bar fest, the shit these 2 cats is spitting is Disney on Ice compared to that lmao.

          • Vincent Hawkins

            Disney on ice! Llamf

    • Josh Ogren

      Ya bro its about what he said,how he went about it, and who he came at.Meeks the one not letting it go,drake barely responds anymore Cuz his following and the storm meek kicked up is coming to haunt him.meek also doin “I’m the plug” remix dissin and he don’t shut his mouth.I used to think the same,let meek live,but I realized he’s askin for it.even the sneak disses meek been droppin only in snippets.he doesn’t go about it right.he keeps jumping on drakes tracks instead of doin his own thing.

    • Frank White

      Drake beat him with bars though…and Meek took forever to come back at him..then the memes came even worse when he finally put out a (probably) rushed track which wasn’t really all that good…so it’s more than just the following, plus this thing started on twitter so it off rip became more than just rap. in my opinion Meek isn’t all that great to me..I’m surprised he blew up so much..

    • fried rice

      Yep as long as we have the social media rap beef will never be won over bars.

  • Why is Meek doing a back 2 back response? Nigga just focus on your music. He took the fattest L’s last year and now he want 2016 L’s?

  • Deckz_92

    Drake never responded about him having ghost writters

  • Chris Paul

    Meek dumb as shit

  • Imventing

    fuck the sneak diss just drop dream chasers 4 so a nigga can bump to some shit in 2016

  • Soxx Mcephe


  • EH Contracting

    Hush is a f*ckin faggot……Fuck outta here