OG Maco Says Beyonce Stole Her Video Concept For ‘7/11’ From ‘You Guessed It’

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  • Ally

    Thank you for at least pointing out that others have had this similar idea before. I have seen many videos with people in hotels with friends having the time of their lives. She did a hotel scene in Haunted and I know that was filmed before Og Maco, so who is stealing from who? Not that I think he took it and ran with it but since he wants to imply people are stealing from him…..and that pathetic backtracking he did wasn’t even believable. He didn’t watch it before commenting then how did he know the contents of the video? Please. He didn’t know how quickly this would spread and was trying to save face.

    • HappyFeetNegro

      Shut’cha bitch ass up. You prolly one of them naive fools who worship Beyonce. Gtfo right now.

    • FreshIzAsFreshDoes

      Ur comparing a hotel scene to a whole video…she def was influenced. Bigger stars bite from break out artist all the time and act as if it’s original. His song had an extremely big internet presence this year

      • M. R.

        However the OG Maco video wasn’t fully in a hotel either. There were graphics and concert footage. The only similarity is the hotel, but it really starts and ends there. The main thing about BeyoncĂ©’s video is that it is purposely homemade looking. The hotel is not the main theme. It could have been a recording studio, a store, a home, etc. That is not the case in OG Maco’s.

  • Frank White

    Videos are exactly identical…except Maco aint got no bitches in his video…and he prolly at the comfort inn express and Beyonce prolly bought out the whole top floor of the Marriott..so maybe they aren’t exactly identical…close tho…

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  • M. R.

    I see the similarities, but I also see the very obvious differences. Namely that the tone and concept of the videos are entirely different.

  • similar

  • Ayanna

    OG Maco needs to go away. I thought maybe he was cool at first but nah, hes just another annoying rapper with a bad attitude. A lot like Travis Scott.

  • Patagonia

    OG maco sucks tho