Now Stephen A. Smith Is Straight Up Threatening Kevin Durant

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  • black adam

    lol stephen smith is a clown. aint nobody scared of you. know your role and worry about that hairline nigga.

    • your a clown and don’t know shit

      • black adam

        stephen? stephen a.smith is that you?

        • TheKingShaun


        • Lmao

        • Pearl Hall

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  • Adolf_Hitter

    He’s so into his feelings. Smith is such a drama queen and wind bag. He love to preen around like he’s such a show. He reminds me of a gay male.

    • Us Kzar

      U sound like a gay male.. Queer

      • Adolf_Hitter

        Most of you Negro males are in the closet. I laugh every day I see you Negro males. You guys are failures.

        • Michael Hudson

          Man you sound like a white supremacist, what kind of tag name is Adolf_Hitter, you one name letter away from one of the most evil mothafuckas in history

          • Adolf_Hitter

            YES, and don’t forget it Boy!

          • Michael Hudson
          • Adolf_Hitter

            Heeee Hawwwww!!!!!

          • Andre Mason

            Adolf go somewhere and kill yourself you racist ass coward. I bet you won’t talk that shit in a black mans face.

          • Adolf_Hitter

            I do it all the time Porch Monkey.

        • CLOVER•

          White people are the scum of the earth-go fuck your dog or find a kid to lure and molest you fuckin albino gorilla you foh your mothers pussy smells like a tub of miracle whip and the bitch look like bobby from king of the hill

          • Adolf_Hitter

            Hey nigger coon, if I was going to stick my rod in a boy, it would be one of sissy Negro boys since you like to keep your pants down all the time. it seems to me that you guys are begging for some action. fucking losers. You negro boys been raised up by your mammies and can’t seem to figure yourselves out. You run around here robbing, stealing and doing all kinds of stupid shit. That’s why my friends and I laugh at your boys constantly. You negro boys are pathetic. NOTE: I refuse to you any of negro boys MEN because you simply have NOT proved yourselves to be honorable.

          • CLOVER•

            That negro shit don’t phase me off the rip. At the end of the day niggas are gonna do what niggas is gonna do. I know your ignorant ass knows that shit doesn’t apply to everyone;you are just another pussy ass white boy trying to hit a vein. Furthermore fuck you fuck your friends and eat a hot bowl of dicks. You should seek help for your alcoholic/abusive dad and dog fucking mother you inbred maggot. Your mother despises you and your siblings dont love you. Stay strong

          • Adolf_Hitter

            You sound just like your Mammies raised you. You come across like your soul hurts. Yes, my kind abused you and your women and we still do. Your women love us because we show them what real Men do. We build, we master nature and our environment and that includes you negro boys. All you boys do is…….well……nothing but cry and beg for our leftovers. You boys need to learn a thing or two from us. BTW, I am strong. Stronger than than the lot of you negro boys.

          • CLOVER•

            First off lol I’m no negro,kid. All that shit about a nigga being raised by his moms is irrelevant. You are typing out checks your body can’t cash;all that nigger talk and I bet my life you’ll look down when a darker skin tone walks by and that’s FACTS. You out here venting on how whites are supreme;yea you fuck niggas are masters of nature cause you fuck animals. That shit about abusing “us” is dead-niggas know white boys are 100% pussy outside of the crib. That being said white niggas are herbs and let’s not even talk woman bro-niggas already know them white bitches are straight freaks and you just gotta hit’em over the head with some shit. To be technical you white niggas pay niggas of different ethnicity to fuck your wives. So idk wtf you talking about. In conclusion white people will always be the salt of the earth FOH

          • Adolf_Hitter

            Ha, you Beta Males get so hurt when Alpha Males tell you where your place is boy. As for “typing checks” and looking down when one you boy walk by is quite a myth. I stand 6’4, I work out in the gym with various MMA training and when it comes to mixing it up, I’m quite respectable. Now boy, you negro boys need to learn a thing or two about how to control your feelings because it’s all in everything you typed. If I thought differently, I would say you a little girl with all your damn whining. I’ve had so much sex with your women and have broken many of them. They’ve told in bed how much they desire us White Men and how you negro boys are too sensitive and how you can’t build a society for them. That’s why they work for us in OUR business as employee’s and you negro boys don’t. I’ve waited to see if you negro boys can help yourselves but I see that you boys can’t and don’t quite know how, so you rob, and steal and live with your mammies until old age. You negro boys got check mated a long time ago and now you boys are on your final pass toward extinction and we’re just watching and waiting. That landing is going to hurt.

          • CLOVER•

            Talkin the same shit smh lol I knew you was gonna describe yourself you faggot smh im done man-all that alpha male shit my nigga is out the window. I could take a shit where I stand;you’s a pussy nigga you’ll piss in your pants

          • Adolf_Hitter

            Just shut your mouth boy and pick cotton. You fucking cotton pickers just don’t know when to shut up. I’m sorry we freed you monkeys.

          • CLOVER•

            Lol why you gettin mad though wigger? I’m done . All white people need to go back into caves.
            Shit white people do :
            – fornicate with their dog
            – masturbate using mayo
            – think Donald trump is the messiah
            – like guacamole
            – take selfies and say “lets do a silly one”
            – tan anywhere where there’s sun

          • Adolf_Hitter

            Me? Mad? LOL, shit boy you’re really stupid. How in the world can I be made when I have all the power dummy? I and my people control all institutions and run all the banks and we are in TOTAL domination over you and your monkey women. EVERYTHING, you see and EVERYTHING that impacts your life and your mammies life is the result of what we, as a race of people, have accomplished. Do your homework boy IF you know how to do research. You’re making me laugh!!!!!

          • CLOVER•

            Fuck that. again you playing the same card,white Americans are weak you fucking bozo. First off lets set this straight you don’t run shit; you are just a fraile bag of flesh taking refuge on the Internet,we are all aware of your type my friend. Secondly I know you know that I know you ain’t shit lol and I’m wasting my time with you snowflake. In conclusion you could suck my dick from the back and then go dive off your moms attic/or dig your way out the basement with a spoon which ever suits your situation better.

          • Adolf_Hitter

            HAHAHAHAHA, you little nigglets are so amusing! I guess your ghettos at least taught you how to curse well if nothing else. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Ok, time to back to the zoo and back in your cage little monkey.


  • DSNCB919

    He probably knows bout some chick’s he fucked or drugs idk

  • HipHopFan

    I always knew Stephen A Smith was gay just by how he runs his mouth like a Bitch!!

  • Stephen a smith need to stfu and go eat one.

  • JD

    KD is KD! Stephen A. sit ya commentating ass down!!

  • NaZe

    stephen a act like he got shooters on deck lol ”you dont wanna make an enemy out me.” this guy talk too much of that shiit

    • Maaaman

      jajajaj had me laughing for a minute.

  • Why the fuck you lyinn

  • Bruh 954

    How the fuck is this a threat?? …


    I fuck with Stephen been watching dude since I started following sports never seen dookey get so serious.

  • NYCityKid

    Stephen A too official in my book

  • Arthur Dent

    Man, I am a legitimate wimp. 5’10” of half-toned couch potato. I would take SAS is a phone booth in Time’s Square. He acts so tough but he is a media pundit. He covers boxing and thinks he can fight, I do not know of a bigger poseur on earth.

  • Arthur Dent

    Skip would beat Stephen A Smith down.. I do not even know why Smith starts with athletes, as if he could hold his own in a brawl..