There Are Now Release Dates For ‘Bad Boys 3’ & ‘Bad Boys 4’

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  • SloanTheDon


  • Allen Smith

    Martin gotta lose some weight but I’m hype for…. well ill watch it they waited a little too long for anyone to be hype

    • Even Martin said that he is out of shape now for a bad boys movie in his latest stand up comedy show.

  • vonstranglehold

    this is the wrong time to make this type of movie… might be good but they have been pumping out these cop comedy movies way too often now…. 21 Jump Street, 22 Jump Street, Central intelligence, that Lets be cops bullshit that came out not too long ago, baywatch thats about to come out, they all start to look the same

    • Conner

      let’s be cops was pretty dope though

      • Astronaut


  • Kenny Woods

    These dudes old as hell but it might be good

  • bushay914nyc

    Rambo n rocky got away wit it so fuck it even tho will a way bigger action star then my boy maartttin

  • Whiskeyriver

    These things always happens far too late. Whatever happen to filming this ten years ago when these two were a bit younger?. Will Smith still looks like Will Smith but Martin Lawrence is going to make Bad Boys 3 and 4 very awkward.

  • vfocused

    I so cant wait to see them again together! Its good that its about a year out because they both could stand to lose some pounds, especially martin. Anyway, I know it should be good. Just saw 2 on tv about a week ago. Miss seeing them together. Great chemistry. Should be another block buster.