Now Kendall & Kylie Jenner Are Accused Of Ripping Off Latino Culture

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  • Skeazaleo The Don

    These hoes wild man I tell you…lol But hey, anything for a buck right?

  • J.A.S.

    They have to if they want money. Who wants to wear Armenian inspired clothing?

    • Drake Jr.

      i thought they were jenners and were jsut straight white tho lol

      • J.A.S.

        I thought the mom was too, but I guess I’m wrong.

  • ThaBayToast

    Guess what, their rich and happy. You’re just a bitter racist.

  • Astronaut

    Lol no offense, but the world isn’t letting white folks get away with anything apparently.

    • Thee_One1

      they run the world, they’ve been getting away with everything

      • Robyns

        They do not run the world we chose to let them run the world. Please go somewhere with the illogical conspiracies. We buy their shit for one…..

        • Thee_One1

          So explain Robyns how they do not run the world? Even in our homeland Africa they control most of the resources. It is easier to admit the truth so we can change our outlook and actions. There is no sense in trying to be prideful.

          • Robyns

            Twisting my words to not make any sense is the only pride intact. If we support the big time corporations, if we have no idea that this is a federal world let alone a federal country, and that every position is put there by the people who say they “run” the world with no logical in depth on how to undo their position, if we buy free resources to live on “free” land because we follow laws, if we think money isn’t printed and that the “resources” they use to print the money are inflating, if we believe that there is a debt, or that the Federal Reserves are controlled by the Rothschild and not operated with the commercial banks and aren’t owned, but regulated by a board of directors who are voted by the private owners that we support of the commercial banks in which the Reserves pay 6% and the banks also get 3% every year, then yeah they run the world from an idiotic perspective. This is a controlled free system. Individuality matters more than togetherness, but we can’t come together when no one has the answers when they’re right in front of us. My “we choose to let them” doesn’t agree with your “they run the world, they’ve been getting away with everything” in any way, shape or form. I said we not I or you. There is no I in team, but there is an I in win. Can’t win without a team. Also can’t have a team without togetherness, but there is a “w” in win and a “e” in team; we. Their not running the world, if we partake in a controlled free system with our individual ambitions that suit are ego to boost abroad for the world to continue this regime. Here’s an analogy, why the fuck would I buy a Bugatti when they can give me the blueprint and materials to make a Bugatti?? To keep control of what’s already free. It’s funny to me when someone makes the same Nike shoe that wasn’t made by Nike, but it’s fake. Want another analogy; here, if people complain about how cops do their job, why don’t they go become cops themselves??? If you let the evil consume you without a fight, then it’s ran by us not them. It’s that simple. It’s only prideful when it’s talking about putting in the action rather than talking, and witnessing the problem then don’t want to do anything to fix it. Now you’re annoying the fuck out of me……

          • Thee_One1

            Nah bruh…i stated whats going on and you are saying a possible solution….That is all thats going on. You are agreeing with me at the end of the day. I agree with your mentality on the action needed to be taken. Good job on taking a more “in depth” approach. So what are you doing about it is the question?

          • Robyns

            It’s not a possible solution, and there is no agreement; it is the solution. I’m replying with logic. If they run the world, then there shouldn’t be a solution point blank period. Politics isn’t logistics; Government controls the resources. The government is a body of people who are voted in. If we had a magnitude of the right people going for government positions than people going for a job at a corporation, NBA, NFL, Doctors, Musicians, Modeling, then we’ll have a different picture. Togetherness is how the world is ran, but it’s not really together. It’s together individually, it’s not together unitedly. It took generations for where we are at now. The only way to make an entire a shift is to re-shape the whole world structure while still playing by their rules, but breaking them in the process. The process: Get wealthy, start up companies that don’t share their stock, and have a limited number of employees that gives more pay, families have to have a different mindset as in staying together instead of going away, these companies have to knock off these other companies, different banks have to be in place of the other commercial banks for the federal reserves; man look it’s a lot that has to happen. I myself have to get wealthy and start up franchises of my own, and that takes time. No one really has been paying attention and people still aren’t. That money is wealth to people not resources. For some reason people really think it’s logical to pay for electricity we can conduct ourselves. I’m only one person. One person can do some damage, but some people know that just the President doesn’t run the whole country; you got congress members, senators, governors, mayors, the board of directors of all the federal reserves, and the chairman of those federal reserves. Government isn’t politics; it’s just stagnate that way. Until logical influence start making a motion, this world will forever be blind by diamonds that are nothing by shiny rocks.

  • fonzo517

    its a plaid shirt, who gives a fuck

    • Craig

      Its the the way it’s worn with the chino slacks with only the top button buttoned. I’m not Latino and I’m not from LA but even I know that’s some Latin kings shit all day. Complete with the big hoop earrings. All i hear in my head is lean like a cholo.

  • thisguy

    Who cares what they do, they’re getting paid. The world’s too Sensitive.

  • youknow

    foh. this a plaid shirt people all over the world be wearin it

  • Serendogg

    Who cares we all love how they make money off black folks..let them live

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    Wish people would stop reporting and talking about them, they are literally famous for no reason.

  • Issa lie

    How many clothing companies say “clothes were inspired by” before selling the shit. Mf will complain about anything. I ain’t never seen no chola wear office pants with a flannel and lingerie foh

  • Robyns

    It’s not that calm down….

  • JohnWiick

    This is the problem with social media. Too many fake people trying to act like they give a shit about something.

    “Ripping off culture”? There are people in parts of the world with no clean water or food. GTFOH with that shit. People just look for reasons to complain and anything.

  • LoveBoat2smooth

    Cholos are ripping off white redneck culture. Those racist bastards