Now Joe Budden Is Accusing Drake Of Getting Plastic Surgery

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  • kushxchevys

    Lol fools getting on my nerves

  • daniel_0

    Pump pump pump it up. Only song I know lol

    • WhoIsMeekMill?

      you know the song… but do you like it? Would you ever bump it? Ever?

      and that is this guys best song?

      Here come the unemployed joe buggins dickriders:


      slaughterhouse was OKAY. Overhyped for what they were/did.

      • Devin

        The album pump it up was on is a classic in hiphop….pump it up was ass…

      • daniel_0

        Fun fact: slaughterhouse came to my city years ago and my buddy went. He told me joe was drunk with a cigarette in his mouth mumbling his lyrics .

        • Black Hippy 47

          Guess not that different from rappers these days

      • E.C.

        STFU cracker

      • BROOKLYN_ Boi _1Da

        Not his best song. Dude got some ill music out there. Love hip-hop/rap in general, so don’t day “blah blah blah, blah blah”. #StateFacts I just appreciate good music. Listen to everyone, give engine the benefit of a doubt.

        • BROOKLYN_ Boi _1Da

          From mid 90s till now I fuck with. From Ab-Soul to Yo Gotti. So before people come with some dumbass comments, just keyring y’all know I’m a music lover.

      • youareincorrectbitchnigga

        chill drake get ready for the tour lol

      • you trying to hard… you so mad joey clowning you fav celeb

      • T guest

        Your feelings is hurt lol

    • E.C.

      Listen to hip hop you instead of fag rap you pop tart

  • TheRenaissanceMan

    i believe it

  • lol man what the hell

    • Lord_Farquad


    • goldentiger3

      I think for a rap diss, the last thing you should be talking about is the other niggas abs. If you don’t see this as sus then im scared for the future. Because he had to notice drakes abs in the first place so he been paying more attention to drake then everyone else. I think budden hurt himself with that line it’s to sus for me.Cant give drake a full L when budden is fan girling for drake.

      • yea man, never thought I’d see the day when rappers out here gettin thot surgeries, and other rappers noticing a nigga thot surgery and droppin bars about it lol.

  • E-go-tis-ti-cal

    Whelp there you have it…..

  • SlimJuve25

    didn’t joe learn from 50 shit like this only make him look bad not the person he telling on. . . .money is only thing majority of bitches really care about an no matter how much you give them they will always want more, an nigga really shouldn’t care if so that’s some suspect shit let it go joe

  • Chance tђє l є ค ภ є г

    Joe you good with them lyrics but stop this attention seeking jeez

  • Richard Buttler

    all this DRIZZY DICKLERS trying to take your eyes off the fact that Drake got bodied 4 times in a row

  • WhoIsMeekMill?


    – the unemployed-and-missing-child-support-payments crowd

    • SkidRow

      Hahahahahah broooo

    • Queen Eileen

      Drake will not let you suck his mushroom dick. So stfu

    • – drake stan

    • Black Hippy 47

      Nigga drake sucks get over it, he gettin bodied by a jersey nigga

    • Switch x Monster

      “the unemployed-and-missing-child-support-payments crowd” – love this man couldnt stop laughing #facts #drakehaters #theydontwantyoutohaveabiggerpoolthankanye

  • Devin

    Lol Drake got his abs done lol

  • Devin

    Are you in that Mood yet

  • taylor2278

    tbh Common bodied drake more than Joe Budden though yo

  • SuperPoochie69

    idk but joe acting like a bitch a real nigga do u one track n say what he has to say and then cut it…….but it look like he got a hard on for drake as u can see by the pic joe arms are around drake hummmmmm…….bfor all this started u were riding drake dick nigga ……

  • Young Flacko

    This shit just getting dumb. At this point this nigga is really starting to look thirsty because Drake just not responding. I honestly think he gon ignore this nigga for the most part. I’m tired of seeing it at this point if Drake won’t respond.

    • E.C.

      Who cares what you tired of dick

      • Young Flacko

        Obviously yo ass cause you responded like a hurt mf.

    • Tony

      “No shopping” is the Joe budden response. Gotta do your homework B!

      • Young Flacko

        That was made before Budden even made a diss track. I’m talking responses to any of the diss tracks Budden has made. No Shopping was made a good while back, everybody knows this. So “do your homework b”.

    • – drake stan

      • Andrew Shepherd

        Hell yea

      • Young Flacko

        And you a anti Drake stan. This shit is wack if both people won’t participate. It’s not beef, it’s just one person constantly attacking another person while we all hoping he’ll finally step up and respond and make it interesting. He obviously being soft about this situation

        • damn right im an anti-drake stan, fake shit needs tob be hated on…

          drake is the one who is scared to rap.

          drake released two songs before meek ever did anything

          • Young Flacko

            hence why I said he’s being soft about this situation. It’s just getting annoying to me because I feel like this nigga not gon respond at all. If anything he’ll do his usual subliminal lines but don’t nobody want that shit. I want a mf diss track straight up.

  • E.C.

    Joe Budden is the greatest lyricist of all time..

    • Olando Jenkins

      You on meth saying that

  • WhoIsMeekMill?

    How about we see the truth about Joe Budden’s bank account? Release the records, notarized or verified some way.

    This guy doesn’t have $1.8M. You can see it.

    • n0kturnal

      Who fucking cares. Atleast he writes his own lyrics.

    • all u gotta do is listen to his bars that he wrote himself.. welcome to hiphop, is this your 1st time?

      • Black Hippy 47

        He ain’t used to niggas not cryin over a beat bout gettin dumped

    • T guest

      Actually it’s $4.5M… look it up

    • Astronaut

      Fuck money gotta do with bars tho?

      • WhoIsMeekMill?


  • Mike

    Joe keep that pressure on em foh Drake singing ass

  • BK


  • Spookeysmoker

    The Internet gone spine everything for drake back off joe they dick ride hard out here

  • 1h45h

    this is what “rap beef” has become in 2016.. i don’t care about this but joe seems obsessed with drake

    • Spookeysmoker

      I can’t say that how about the nigga man up and make a real diss track without he Internet help to me joe ahit was ok and kinda everywhere but it’s a whole duckin diss not no bitch ass subliminal bars and niggas condoning this subliminal bitxh sit

    • you mean “rap beef” as in dropping hot bars while the other person is scared to respond because he got slaughtered??

  • youareincorrectbitchnigga

    joe raps are fire but he acting like a angry ex right now

    • how so? by destroying drake?

      • goldentiger3

        nah drake had 1 sub and 1 verse. Compared to budden’s 3 songs and he probably almost finished an album with drake beef. It wasn’t that serious for budden to make all these diss songs. What meek did was serious because even till today Drake will never be credited like he was before even tho all major artist have ghost writers.

        • yeah…and drake hasnt responded.. he ant real and he weak… he tryna hire ghostwriters lmfao

          meeks diss was trash juice

      • youareincorrectbitchnigga

        by talking about his body thats weird keep it hip hop not gossip magazine, nothing to do with drake or budden that would go for anybody

        • hes dissing him.. dissing is in hip hop.. joe found out dirt on him and used it.. all fair game.

          • youareincorrectbitchnigga

            i guess kinda gay both ways if you ask me but what do i know

          • you dont know much, i can tell u that

          • youareincorrectbitchnigga

            ok calm down bitch your hoe ass is getting carried away talking shit online because i hurt your feelings not worshipping your fav rapper clowns like you diss ppl on internet comments because thats all you can do pussy foh fuckboy

          • joe isnt my fav rapper….

            you sound really really butthurt

            sit on a nice big pillow, take your xanax and go listen to some drake.. alone.. without any females…


          • youareincorrectbitchnigga

            so joe isnt your fav rapper but your all over this post arguing with anybody who doesn’t worship him clown, and not sure how you got that drake is my fav rapper you assumed that i was defending drake because your obsessed with joe

          • worship?? control your butthurt because drake got clowned.

          • youareincorrectbitchnigga

            you must be a kid music isnt this or that just because i didnt dick ride budden doesnt mean i like drake its possible to like both or neither when you get older you will understand

          • u mad cause drake got clowned lol

          • youareincorrectbitchnigga


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  • Astronaut

    Why Obamo and his wife look related tho.

  • ballin.ben

    the nigga is right, go look at his younger pics and his face now, the nigga has been shapeshifting like a mf trying to look like a puerto rican

  • gdoubleu

    Budden is a bitter drug addict.

  • ilikemusic.

    If anyone in rap got plastic surgery/work done i’m not surprised it is Drake. The half black Jew-bird from Canada…Do yall not remember the way this corny kid used to look???? They had to sculpt him into their poster-child

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