Nipsey Hussle Gave Out Free Weed For 4/20

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  • Food4Thought

    Good shit.Niggas be out here smoking that pesticide, GMO weed and shit..Not knowing where it came from or what happened to it

  • ChiCity1988

    Figures the black bitch in the front being greedy and grabbing all the shit she can

    • FuckYaCommentB…

      It’s free weed Nigga. Df Lol.

    • SuckaDick

      Yeah, fam. You need to cool it with that shit. All that black bitch shit…unnecessary. You ever, I mean EVER seen white men constantly clown their own women like that and think so bad about them? Or Asian men, Indian men. No. You know why? Because it’s fucking weird that’s why…Besides, like bro said. It’s free fucking weed nigga. The FUCK would you be doing out there? I guess you would have been the only dumbass tryna form a single file line huh? clown…lol

      • Je’sus

        Indian men barely respect women. Asian women are slaves in there respective countries. You. Chose the worse ethnics to make a point. I agree but bad cases.

        • HotlineQueef

          sand niggers in general hate women

      • HotlineQueef

        fuck you nigger

      • ChiCity1988

        hahahaha fuck all yall crying cuz i said black bitch…STFU

    • Worldwide Intentionz

      You better be black talking stupid like that cause you sound like a bitch ass racist.

    • Worldwide Intentionz

      You’re stupid and ignorant for that comment.