Nicki Minaj Tweets On Alleged Cardi B Beef

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  • Melo

    Does she always use B’s instead of C’s? Frauding!

    • isurrenderall Bizzell

      I notice that too lol


    Cardi> Nicki

  • XXtheJUMPoffXX

    Wtf is Bardi? Nicki can’t even call her by her name

    • Young Flacko

      When you rep Bloods you don’t use C’s bruh. It’s they way of not rapping anything to do with Crips. Come on bruh, thought you knew bout that shit lol.

  • kushxchevys

    Idk id smash both

  • Fresh One

    plastic cornball wrappers

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    I would pay high cash, to see them do a porno together.

    • Killa Cam Newton

      I was just thinking that

  • Trina

    I just don’t understand all this so call beef. I really would like to see Nicki and Cardi do something together. But if they don’t oh well. Rather you like Nicki or not, she got that bread and still doing shit to make more bread. As for Cardi you don’t have time to be beefing with no one. Make your money. And damn the BS. Nicki is known in the game. Cardi the worse thing you can do is let people drag you into BS. That’s the quickest way to take your eye off of the prize worrying about what the next B@@ch is doing. So once again I advise you and Nicki to keep it Grown Woman Status. Sometimes you can learn something from someone who people are trying to get you to beef with.