Nicki Minaj Roasted After ‘No Frauds’ Drops, Hashtag #SoNicki Trends

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  • Miami_Mayor24

    I only listened to it for Wayne and Drake. When she left Safaree she got trash

  • Food4Thought

    Nicki think she slick boi.By trying to change the topic of the conversation from real rap/bars to album sales and status, she thinks she’s won..How you the queen of rap and you ain’t rapping??

  • ChiCity300

    see what happen when you make these fake rappers rich. wayne is trash papoose should murder him just for think he could get on the track. drake really didn’t care he did it to let meek know he back with the queen of hoes.

    • Rome

      Lmao idgaf bout drake or nicki but Wayne my favorite rapper ever. Papoose can’t say shit to Wayne considering Cassidy killed him. Wayne would rap on any of papoose beats and murk him.

      • LatarionMilton

        Fam dont mind that nigga. He hates Wayne. Wayne must have boned his girl or something lol

        • Rome

          Lmao these niggas acting like pap gone come out spittin like big L

      • YoungPrime

        Wayne has never won a real rap battle in his life! So how in the blue h3ll does Pap losing to Cassidy matter? Wayne crawled under his bed when Gillie ran him through with nothing but facts.

        If you like Wayne’s regular songs, fine. Just don’t expect everyone else to turn a blind eye to Wayne kissing a man on the lips that’s been robbing him of millions throughout the years…

        • Rome

          Lmao that’s on Wayne if he wanna kiss other niggas. Notice how I kept this about music LMAO. Secondly other than Exodus (which went in) pusha hasn’t done shit but constantly sub Wayne. Thirdly Wayne went at gillie da kid on several songs but I’m are you wouldn’t know if you never actually listen to him

      • wilmings

        You are crazy. Wayne could never commit “alphabetical manslaughter” like pap.

        • Kool

          Yet Wayne has a track called alphabet bitches smh lol you must be a new generation nigga

      • ChiCity300

        hahaha wayne never killed nobody on a record… pusha killed and pap will bring him to life and kill him again.

    • lanise T

      Lol …right

    • vertwon

      Papoose is trash af

  • Melo

    Bitch ass niggas are gonna say Nicki got it. Real niggas know what it is. Say less.

    • shari patrice

      Hello Whenever someone tells the truth FEELINGS are gonna always be hurt and thats the truth Hi REMY!!$$!
      She spit the TRUTH abd to tell you the TRUTH nicki couldn’t handle it cause she the real peion Im neva supporting her even on my down time shes a sore looser just like remy said she need drake abd weezy and thats just what she did she cant say nothing about remy but go to jail for a stack really minaj ppl kill for less than that a shot is a warning but ppl dont know real thats why they follow this fake ass braud

    • HotlineQueef

      its bitch ass “niggers”

  • HotlineQueef

    the fact is she is just like her bumb ass donkey kong ex meek mill. they both fucking suck and she did the same shit he did but kinda worse actually. the entire shit is filled with irony

    • Kool

      Uhhh she did nothing meek did, meek won that battle war pain ended drake. Idk what you ppl was hearing lol maybe cause drake more popular n ppl was posting memes of meek more that’s why yall said drake won. This is hip hop, listen to the lyrics new generation nigga lol smh

      • Tyler Barber


      • Fuckyofeelings

        Meek won. Nigga stop sniffing coke mixed with dog shit. You tripping, tie ya shoe…

      • Thomas Jones

        lol drake won by a ton meek disses were absolute shit compared to drake that why meeks career dead as dick moron

      • HotlineQueef

        honestly you nigger fuck off

      • lanise T

        I’m with you, drake got beat and he know it. Drake and Nicki out here nursery rhymin. Don’t get me wrong I like some of drake music, but its not real hip hop.

  • ant

    Nicki trash, Remy killed that dumb bitch

  • Matt Leon

    No Frauds is dope but Nicki lost this battle. Why would you come at Remy with features?!? Remy practically destroyed Nicki in Shether and that was by herself. No Frauds is a dope song to download but that’s about it. I’ll admit the shenehneh line was fire but that’s all. Nicki I hope you’re doing what Drake did to Meek and this is just your “Charged Up” song otherwise, this battle is done.

    • Kool

      Don’t do what drake did cause his ass got flamed in war pain anyways lol

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    Nicki, baby girl. . . Let it go. You got an “L” and it’s ok, just learn from you’re mistakes and move on. Honestly you need a real nigga on you’re camp like me, I would’ve listen to this for a bit before you submitted​ this and said “no”. You were better off just taking that “L”, now it’s possible you may receive two. I will think this over and determine you’re other “L”.

    • Dylan Ya Trick

      your and you’re

      • Vuitton, The Ruler

        Fixed it, thanks.

      • lanise T

        Who cares this is a blog. Go look at Nicki essay and spell check her fake A $$

  • ChiCity1988

    Yall just hating cuz it the cool thing to …Be honest most of yall didn’t give a fuck about Remy before this diss and now just on her dick

    • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

      your favorite rap cd is BANGERZ by hannah montana

    • lanise T

      What?? That’s what happen when you spit real shi t people listen and like it and start wanted to know more about the artist. How else does this suppose to work dude??

  • John Smith

    Drake fake as fuck Nicki fake tits arse nose and vagina all on the a track called no frauds really…

  • Karen Forbes

    Hey Nikki I guess Drake and Wayne was busy why you took so long to reply.. Dammmm 2weeks… Gurl bye

  • Alex G

    I wonder how much toilet paper she uses in a month

  • This is the weakest shit I’ve heard!

    Huge fail!

    Drake and Lil Wayne need they ass whooped for allowing her to record this shit!

  • Poopmaster

    Real niggas know that remy dropped that “ignorant idk give a fuck shit” that “Ima real nigga, fuck wit me I bust back quick shit” that “me and papoose don’t fuck around shit”that “blunt ass, speak my mind PAC shit” and Nicki a lil pop media bitch like drake

  • Errybody KiLLa

    Fuck the haters Nicki keep doing you..
    They love you when you up, and hate you when you down.. alot of your so called fans are the real frauds.. #no loyalty

  • lanise T

    100 barz of real rap that’s what you got. Lmaooo you tried it

    • Gangstagrl

      Words r words rap or not it only takes a few

  • FlyGuy23

    Nicki destroyed Remy in one verse, she didnt need to continue rapping we got the idea. Drake and wayne did they thing theu didnt talk or include themselves in the beef. Nicki already won.