Nicki Minaj Had One Breast Hanging Out Like Lil Kim At Paris Fashion Show

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  • ChiCity1988

    Id fucking suck the shit out that tittie regardless if it fake

    • sosarozay300

      smh u gon suck the plastic out of them titties

  • Daniel Han

    all these girls be acting like they good girls but all i see is sluts. mf nicki say shit like “none of these nigs hit this” bitch STOP U GOT A TITTY OUT

    • JohnWiick

      You’re a stupid ass. So every female that wears something sexy is a slut? I guess every nigga that wears Jordans is a pro basketball players as well. SMH.

      • Frank White

        nigga what……the fuck…nigga..I don’t even know where to begin with yo white knight, captain save a hoe ass…

        • Willf

          If that nigga is captain save a hoe, then you must be captain save nigga with your faggot ass. A man taking value for women, but you want to take that away for an ego like you don’t like vagina….. Lol; how contradicting. Bye sheep.

          • Frank White

            -___- u sound dumb as hell…u can like vagina and not respect women…matter of fact it actually gets u more pussy which is why I don’t respect them..

          • Willf

            Nigga you lie to get more pussy, unless you have money to get pussy. So you still lie to get more pussy. Being manipulative to women is for pussies faggot. Ya’ll niggas is stupid as fuck.

        • JohnWiick

          Because you’re too fucking dumb and ignorant.

  • kushxchevys

    That Fools a faggot hes always complaining how they fake lol. He likes a natural dick

  • G.O.A.T

    “Or natural dicks” -kushxchevys