Nicki Minaj Gave Lil Uzi Vert A Topless Cosign [VIDEO]

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  • Worldwide Intentionz

    The album isn’t what I expected so I can’t even say which co-sign is better.

  • «《2ryte2drive》»

    Oh YES I hope when my album drop I get that nikki co sign! Hell yea! -said no nigga rappper ever. Fuck a co sign imo if one were to acquire such a thing I honestly would prefer one from kung fu Kenny but either way id be humble and accept it with gratitude but imo they don’t matter and are irrelevant its sad that these bigger names in the music industry have so much influence to be able to say what they like the most or what they jamming to and even if it’s some biddy bop ba new new shit it influences other people to vybe to that exact same shit even if it’s whack and that’s weak as fuck. Jus Sayin.

  • Craig

    Bandwagon ass vulture. But the album was better than I expected. I actually was not annoyed. Neon guts with pharrell and unfazed with the weeknd go hard.

    • «《2ryte2drive》»

      Both those are dope and sauce it up no sleep leak and pretty mami are dope to but it was a disappointment to me “loaded” “mess up my mood” and “bag” wernt on the album

  • Astronaut

    Bathing but the makeup still on. Smh. Must not want us to see her natural beauty

    • «《2ryte2drive》»

      Natural beauty???? Bro..that was gone once she got on with Wayne and got that Barbie fixer up money even without makeup she no it ain’t natural its fake like the whole fucking America I love my country but it’s going to ruins trump Charlottesville Texas the music industry as awhole smh take a step back and look. It’s an agenda being pushed.

      • Jesse Mccree

        nigga you smokin??

  • Craig

    looking like a thoticorn

    • Robyns


  • thorn416

    Cardi B has her so nervous she’s asking for favours from the young dudes lmao

  • Allen Smith

    Dam y how she get so wack

    • K.David

      She’s been like that the past 3-4 years