Nicki Minaj Denies PARTYNEXTDOOR Ghostwrote ‘Regret In Your Tears’

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  • youareincorrectbitchnigga

    for nicki to dedicate multiple tweets to the situation implies its bothering her so i think he wrote it and maybe she didnt know he did? because she never says she wrote it

    • Latino Sin Zero

      I don’t understand this. If she doesn’t say anything it’s a cause it’s true and if she does then it’s cause it’s true. Am totally confused here…

      • youareincorrectbitchnigga

        all she needed was one tweet denying it she has a series because shes sitting there thinking of new things to tweet thats what it seems like to me

      • Melo


        • Latino Sin Zero

          Lol I just think of things objectively.

    • Consistent

      Lol she damn sure didn’t say she wrote it!

  • kushxchevys

    Y everybody hate on drizzy nivki n wayne theybthe greatest of this time

    • black adam

      – nobody ever

      • kushxchevys

        No im pretty sure many agree .

        • #Worklife

          Drake may not have a classic album but his body of work definitely makes him the best since Jay. Plus he has many classic songs and verses

          • Black Hippy 47

            The best since jay is wayne, then after Wayne’s time is kendrick. Drake ain’t on that list

          • BrodieThaGod

            K dot is trash

          • Black Hippy 47

            And if you think that then your opinion is trash

          • BrodieThaGod

            My opinion just as good as yours. Kendrick been garbage. I fuck with some of his shit don’t get me wrong but overall he weak compared to Sean, Drake, Cole, Logic, Rocky etc

          • Kool

            Kendrick is in the same boat as drake meaning he hasn’t been out long enough nor put out enough work. The best is fab. Any track u ever heard with Wayne n fab on, who won lmao my point!

          • Black Hippy 47

            Who had the best verse on ‘you ain’t got nuthin’ wayne and kendrick 100x better than drake, and what do you mean hasn’t put out enough work? Nigga got like 7 projects out that are all above average foh wit that bullshit

          • Kool

            Yea no one ever said Wayne lol all said fab and Kendrick only good project was overly dedicated. He’s not I. Discussion when talked about the best

          • Black Hippy 47

            Jus slit your wrists and do push ups you dumb mf

          • kushxchevys

            Yup wayne and drake the best pf this time

            Fan base and #’s dont lie lol and 2 me nicki minaj is just the female lil wayne lol

          • Kool

            Don’t ever compare drake to Jay again lmao smh what’s wrong with this generation. Jay is a legend with over 12 platinum albums , drake has 4?5? Nowhere near and Jay is a lyrical legend. This new generation always tryna compare these new school artist to legends STOP IT lol there will never be another like the legends from the past

          • Sheldon Marcus Lezama

            First off, today people on top never write there lyrics theirs always someone else behind there lyrics and the flow its not original, its not even them, Jay wasn’t even writing his lyrics down he was memorizing them, nobody claimed to ghostwrite a Jay Z track till the Black Album, and that was supposed to be his exit from the rap game, but obviously wasn’t

    • Rome

      I only agree with the Wayne part. Neither drake or nicki even have a classic lmao.

  • Allen Smith

    Stay off twitter, never a good look

  • smith jones

    #inparis is her come back for everything

    • Rafael Worldstar Wetback Navar

      Like bitch be there​all you want you still got murdered

    • Melo

      Cause she in hiding. They won’t press her in Paris like they will over here in the US

  • Will Love

    Good music is the main focus.. Is it good or nah I could care if Elton John wrote it..if its vibes im rocking with it!

  • Kool

    It’s easy to say Nicki the best female artist when she’s been the only one doing shyt for the past years lol. But now remy back n took that crown as the queen. Albums sales n numbers don’t make you the best. The more famous n popular you are the more numbers you’ll do, you won’t do madd numbers off lyrical talent anymore the game been fucked up lol so idk why ppl keep saying numbers don’t lie. And ppl in these comments comparing drake to jay-z need to shoot themselves lmao smh. Only artists in jay-z lane is fab , jadakiss , Wayne, t.i.

  • elbowgrease

    Fuckin so typical man. 7am in paris BITCH shutup man. This is so typical for phony fuckin pieces of shit that just aint real.

    ‘Hey nicki you got any new freestyles or bars for us? Do you write your own bars?’

    nicki – ‘Its 7am in paris nigga, I’m a big boss nigga, noone helped me with nothing nigga, I just can’t stop working nigga’

    How can this bitch even say anything to do with fucking rap to ANYONE????


    ‘Starships were meant to fly

    Hands up and touch the sky

    Can’t stop cause we’re so high

    Let’s do this one more time

    Starships were meant to fly

    Hands up and touch the sky

    Let’s do this one last time

    Hands up…’

  • Melo

    She didn’t do this much yapping when SHETHER dropped. That bitch was stagnant.

  • Poopmaster

    Damn, Nicki been looking mad stupid lately lol