Nicki Minaj Cut Meek Mill Line From Her Feature On ‘You Already Know’

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  • realtalk

    Meek did not make no damn negative references to Nicki on his album lmao I heard him say don’t ask about her that’s it. That’s not negative ,damn can these blogs face it , meek doesn’t give a shyt about Nicki, he moved on lmao seems like they the ones who want beef n can’t move on

  • imaginationsequation

    Folks upset about my opinions on the Floyd and the exhibition match, please look at the clip on wshh. They all some haters too who don’t watch boxing, especially de la hoya lol

    • Astronaut

      Few opinions on worldstar actually matter

      • imaginationsequation

        It’s not the comments, but the video itself, de la hoya made a comment and the exhibition fight. Just wanna hear people say de la hoya and the other 2 must not watch boxing