Nicki Minaj Blasts Fashion Designers For Not Having Enough Diversity

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  • Craig

    anther song that’s only poppin because Mike will made it. That and bodack yellow.

    • Fresh One

      both HOT GARBAGE!

  • youknow

    Which fashion show doesn’t have most of these rappers and artists sitting front row? foh nicki

  • jurassicjrod

    everyone involved in this articles — from the HHE writers to this random fashion show to the Nicki herself — is MUFF CAGGABE….
    i still don’t know how I feel about Rae Sremmurd….they ayt, but they whine a lot in their music (like every song is the fucking same… Quavo/Migos)


    i love when nikki acts like she cares about black people. bitch you a republican, sit yo stupid silly ass down somewhere

  • smith jones

    Its because niggas will buy all these high price fashion shit no matter what…they know you gonna support them and they ain’t gotta support you