Nick Young Lashes Back After SportsCenter Anchor Trashes Iggy Azalea

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  • Trae King


  • King of Miami

    Cant get mad at the truth Nick.

  • He was mute when Snoop was going in on Iggy tho…

  • Sean Peterson

    who wrote that shit Mayweather?,lol spell check nigguh ..

  • Capital_G_Ryu


  • Frost Green

    lmao ” lets call it even ok “

  • la’flame

    No problem with a man standing up for his babe. Especially when you can win….lol

  • Ray Droste


  • ThaPimpSaid

    Ok Nick listen, nobody respects dudes that call themselves “swaggy”. Iggy australia needs to catch that ship back.
    p.s. quit smiling all the time. you look like a retarded nick cannon
    Sincerely, Snoop Dogg fan