The Nick Cannon And Mariah Carey Divorce Is Getting Ugly

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  • xnoxes

    Fuck that shit. Unless they got a prenup then Nick Cannon DESERVES half of that fortune just like all those little bitches that divorce their husband where they did no work and still get half of his. It’s due.

    • n0kturnal

      Damn right. It’s fine when a bitch ass woman does it. But when a man does it, they are desperate. Roflmao. Bitches the only thing that’s desperate out here

  • Jahb1911

    What does HE possibly have to be desperate about? Shut fudge up with this nonsense!!!

  • Justice Shabazz


  • Vinnygret

    Nobody would bat an eye if a wife was trying to get as much as she could if the husband made the bulk of the money. They were married, he should get half, just as a wife would. That’s what equality is all about, right?

  • Francis

    Nick should just gon back to his beautiful wife. We should discourage people from divorcing anyhow. Why would one divorce such a beautiful woman like Mariah? Come on Nick, eat your pride and go back to the mother of your lovely children.