NFL Responds To Report JAY-Z Turned Down Super Bowl Halftime Show

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  • HotlineQueef

    typical faggot ass Democrat response



      • HotlineQueef

        ^^ faggot nigger

  • thorn416

    Solidarity. Fuck shuckin and jivin for these people who are trying so hard to silence Kaepernick

  • Leekluv216

    I would turn it down too. I think they perform for free. No money is involved. It’s just free publicity, he doesn’t need it. If someone know anything different please correct me if I’m wrong. Thnx in advance

    • SlimJuve25

      everything is free for the performer, an he or she can spend 10 million plus on production, all he had to do was perform a song with his wife an give her millions for performance if they would allow that, shit all that shit gaga did in the air last year got some people paid other people should be able to do the same

      • Leekluv216

        True statement!

  • Twiz

    Yall niggas act like kap the fuckin goat or somethin. He was good at one point because of jim harbaugh. No coincidence when jim left the 49ers went to shit and so did colin. I fuck wit his fight but everybody aint meant to last in the league

    • CDot

      Clearly you don’t get it

      • Twiz

        Naw i get it perfectly…colin was was washed before the protest.

        • Supreme Trunks

          More washed than EVERY single qb in the league? Even Andrew Luck, Gino Smith, etc.

          • Twiz

            Andrew luck is actually good, geno smith dont see the field…colin the one who opted out of his contract cause he got benched the year before. He didnt want to be a back up. Colin kno wats up. Have you heard him say anything on his behalf about being “blackballed”? Not a peep.

          • Supreme Trunks

            Luck been hurt too long for me to remember and Geno had plenty of chances. He playing second fiddle to Eli so it’ll be hard for him to see the field but look at the Dolphin situation. They literally brought Cutler back out of retirement just to have him play. Kap is better than him and Dalton in my opinion. For teams that really need a QB I don’t see Kap being a bad choice. Hell he went further than Romo ever did i’m pretty sure. It might have been Harbaugh’s scheme but a scheme without a QB that can execute it is pointless

  • Yolkipalki

    would not watch if Biggie and 2pac came back to life and preformed for the NFL…NFL is full of supremacists