New Stephen Curry Sneaker Drops & Twitter Makes Fun Again

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  • MartyMcFly

    Different colors might be sick. Those look like somethin you’d get a Big 5

  • Devin

    lol…how does shit like this happen….you been wearing the best shoes all your life …you get a shoe of your own and you forget what a nice shoe looks like?

    • man you can tell bruh ain’t never had flava tho lol

      • HotlineQueef

        yeah light skinned people by birth are sellouts

    • XLR8

      9 times out of 10 athletes don’t have any creative control over the design of name brand shoes they are endorsing. They just slap their name on it to overprice the creation and draw his fans attraction. You know the only people wearing those Chef Currys are the people in San Francisco. They are charging over a $100 for some New Balance type shoes with Steph Curry’s name on it? Unless he actually signs the shoes its not worth nearly that much.

      • Devin

        its no way my name would go on any shoe strictly for a check…….. that shoe better be hard body….I don’t respect most of these niggaz because of their ugly shoes….your time on this planet gotta be worth more than just money….Kobe had a bad year with Addidas but 90 percent of his shit was serious…Lebron serious…..Barkley….Dion sanders ….barry sanders…..never had ugly shoes…….if the shoes you have on your feet means a lot about you ..what you think a shoe with your name on the side says about you….

      • Devin

        Pippin, Penny, gary peyton , tim Duncan, dennis rodmans, never had ugly shoes


      Steph grew up Rich and Entitled he doesn’t know $hit about style. Look how he dresses in his post-game interviews.

      • Devin

        it gotta be weird to now know what cool is….gift and a curse

  • Don

    Shits look like the 2016 Lugz hybrid edition #GetYourShineOnPlayboi

  • the midsole makes em look clunky, maybe if it wasn’t tall ass white rubber they’d look better.. and that logo just ain’t poppin. not on a pair of shoes anyway.

  • eyesopen228

    Curry smart as hell for dropping the shoe… everybody has something to say about them because they are not Jordans Nike OR Adidas but hey to each its owns btw i dont think he made da shoes for u dumb fucks to be out killing for them or getting robbed, he made the shoes so that people who cant afford them… did you forget why he is not with Nike?? everybody wants to follow trends instead of creating their own. Salute to Curry


      Dumb Ass the shoes cost $150.00. They aren’t any cheaper or affordable than Nikes or Jordans. LOL clowns like you will say anything to defend your Light-skinned Baby Jesus.

      • eyesopen228

        lmao u had to try 2 make yourself look good… good job though i salute i dont hate u for the comment but it is funny how u can call me a dumb ass and u have no knowledge of who i am. now its funny how PEOPLE like u try 2 bash other people because of their OPINION. Im going to up-vote ur comment tough cause it was funny

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  • FireKraker

    the funniest part about this whole thing? Twitter idiots don’t even realize they’re actually helping UA sell Curry’s shoes.

    • Hannya

      Lmaoo you ain’t lying!! All press is good press.

  • Hannya

    I don’t think that shoe looks bad at all. If it had a jumpman logo on it, fools would be jerking off to them.


      You obviously have no style if you think those Shoes are worth $150.

      • Hannya

        You should learn how to read and comprehend because know where did I say that the shoes are worth $150. Try again junior.

  • AT

    The shoes are whatever but all these dudes talking shit probably didn’t even make it in their high school tryouts. Saying he is wack and chocked after winning the championship last year and almost won it again. With KD they are going to get destroy it. Fools talking shit probably just mad they lost at the pick up game at the park.

    • Trapstr

      Lol that nigga did choke him and klay thats why bron is the champion right now and even with kd they not bout to be what everyone thinks all they did was add a loser

  • Shane

    Unreal, even his shoe is a mulatto. #weakblackboyankles

  • Anthony Pearson

    For A 150$…..Negro Please !

  • Wavy

    Stole this article from snapchat but you added more tweet and for that we appreciate you

  • Olando Jenkins

    If it was a Jordan shoes same design it wouldn’t be any

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  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    He should’ve teamed up with Adidas.