New Book Says Lebron James & Other All Stars Have ‘Disdain’ For Steph Curry

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  • kushxchevys

    Nigga like a bitch speaking on currys business like that

  • Samisback

    Just because they dislike him on the court doesn’t mean they dislike him off the court I think people are mistaking competitive edge for’re not supposed to like your opponent especially somebody who’s coming for your spot as best player in the league.

    • Young Flacko

      Man when does Lebron friendly ass ever really dislike players on the court tho lol. He may dislike Draymond but he was all buddy buddy with Steph on the court when he was still up and coming.

      • Samisback

        Lebron’s never disliked players on the court? lance Stephenson, danny granger, deshawn stevenson, jason terry, draymond green, rajon rondo, paul pierce kevin garnett, derrick rose, joekim noah, jae crowder, I could go on..but you get the point, Lebron was buddy buddy with Steph when he was in college..when Steph made it to the often did you see him around Lebron?

        • Young Flacko

          The only person you mentioned that he may actually have disliked was stevenson besides obvious Draymond. Lebron ain’t got no dog in him, dude always tryna be people friend. The only reason Lebron grew to even dislike them is because they obviously don’t like him and stay picking with him.

          • Keith Shaun

            Leborn was with Draymond at a bar in cleveland, i dont think they dislike each other like its made out to be

          • Samisback

            But that’s my point..Lebron’s dislike for Curry is only on the court the same as Draymond, he was just on the Ellen show last summer talking about how much of a competitor Curry was.

          • Samisback

            Lol when did you start watching basketball? he dislikes or disliked every one of those players I named on that list, he’s gotten into arguments or on court scuffles with most of them…I can tell you’re young and are probably a new basketball fan, so I’m not even gonna kill you over what you’re saying..imma just tell you do your research bruh. It’s that easy..googles ya friend.

          • Young Flacko

            Nahh, I’ve been watching basketball since 2000 b. Lebron don’t have true disdain in his blood. He the most buddy buddy superstar I’ve ever watched. There’s players from the 90s and early 2000s who will blatantly say who they didn’t like. They may respect them but they ain’t gon be buddies with them on or off the court. Lebron ain’t built like that period.

          • Young Flacko

            Lol if you say so b

          • Samisback

            -casual basketball fan

          • Young Flacko

            -LOL if you say so b

  • Moondog

    The reason: Steph is a good person. Doesnt talk shit, and plays ball at a very high level and makes super power esque plays in the most humble nature. People don’t like when someone makes the game looks this easy..and remains humble. People are used to the cliche “LETS GO” or ROARing and yelling after they dunk on someone, but that just shows immaturity. Steph likes to display the fact that he’s been there before, and can make huge plays and doesnt care if anyone saw it. He wants what is best for the team. He takes less money, plays in an unselfish nature, and people wish they could do the same.



      • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

        bro, I was just about to say the saaaamme shit. I swear you took the words out my mouth…lol

    • YoungPrime

      This! He’s basically what Iverson couldn’t been here in Philly if he wasn’t always with his entourage at TGIFridays at City ave. every night.

    • Samisback

      He doesn’t talk a lot of shit but he’s had his moments, remember these comments from last year when asked about returning to Cleveland “Obviously, walking in the locker room, it’ll be good memories,” Curry
      said Sunday. “Hopefully, it still smells a little bit like champagne”

      or remember when he started trash talking Celtics rookie Jaylen Brown after nailing a jump shot in his face before the buzzer.

      or remember a month ago when he liked that photo of the Lebron quote saying “we’re in a bad spot right now”

      this is the same guy who shoots and turns around before the shot goes in…he’s a very humble person but lets not act like he’s a

    • Keith Shaun

      agree with what you said, but Curry do be talking shyt and roaring when he make certain plays… he did that throughout the 73-9 season. And he had the right too, he was bussin’ 3’s from 30+ deep like it was nothing …one of the best regular seasons for any player all time, facts..

  • Pieze.B

    Kind of ironic how KD join Curry after this comment. Lol.

  • trapalizer

    clearly didn’t leapfrog over westbrook

    • Sean

      Haha nigga got jokes.

  • Charles Rivers

    This is BS played up by Steph’s hype machine. They’re trying to make him the protagonist of the NBA. Cats hate on Lebron and want to make him the bad guy so bad. I really doubt Lebron is hating on anyone considering he’s carrying his team to another championship while Curry isn’t nearly the player he was last year…..