NBA Changes All-Star Game Format

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  • ChiCity300

    thats because the east don’t have anybody but the cavs

    • Frank White

      The celtics and the Pelicans have solid lineups as well

      • yung

        Pelicans is the west bro

        • Frank White

          dam you right…sorry I’ll just go fuck myself

      • ChiCity300

        yea but not better than the thunder or houston

    • Astronaut

      If u mean teams yes but players… nahh u tripping

      • ChiCity300

        east not messing with the west player wise

  • imaginationsequation

    So basically lebron gets to choose another all star team lol

  • scbsavage

    we know who from the Celtics LeBron not picking

  • SlimJuve25

    so the same player who was going to make the allstar team still make the team, only difference is the captains pick which team they are on, this doesn’t change anything to me, player will still play not to get hurt which was the problem not competitive people mailing it in, up the money for winning an you might see a change only real way to fix it

  • Kîńğ Ōf Ţhê Šky

    This ain’t gone help 1 bit still gone be the same shit. Nobody tryna go all out n risk getting hurt.

  • burk

    What they need is some hungry street niggas vs These overpaid, overrated idiots aka all stars

  • Mike Power

    its simple, winning team each player gets 2mill and the losing team each player gets 20k,
    i bet you see a real all star game then