Nas & Chance The Rapper Featured On Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart’

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  • Pops Fountain

    I guess if the devil start making music u coon ass niggas will try to get on his song list

    • CG

      Bro the only coons are dumb asses like you that talk down on people getting together and doing something positive. The Devil does not bring people of different ethnicity together. It tries to keep people divided because thats the only way the Devil wins. Do you even know who you are preaching for. The devil lied to you and you look stupid for trying to pass that on…….

      • Pops Fountain

        Fuck u ass coon mother fucker get off they dick . Dick rider

  • Rebel_Madness

    Like the man said, Madonna is Kabaala worship-per, Hebrew Mysticism. She ain’t no saint. Musically talented though, but far from Righteous. Nas blending with those devils..