Nas And Nicki Minaj Rekindle Dating Rumors With New Photo

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  • Rome

    When someone gone tell nicki she ain’t no queen

    • andrew scott

      when she is not a queen.

    • T guest

      IDK I think she just trying to make it seem like that for cool points and to rub it in at meek.. Plus Nas would if mention it

      • FuckYaCommentB…

        Yeah, me personally, I think Da restaurant may be hers or his. Why else would she Congratulate him?

    • ChiTownT


    • (ง’̀-‘́)ง

      Bruh we all missed the big picture. The admin of hhe is clearly the nigga whose tweets they posted

    • YoungPrime

      Maybe her implants are made out of the same materials as a Queen sized mattress…?

  • FaboLoso

    lol damn drake come hold this L, still in the friend zone

    • Da Truth

      And even when HHE doesn’t mention this dude s name someone in the comments section will smh

      • FaboLoso

        lol yall niggas was riding his dick when you thought he took nicki from meek but turns out she only started fuckin with him again to help her career..

        • Da Truth

          Never that on this end, nikki ain’t a catch to me, I think the he done bagged hoes wayyy badder than nikki. …plus it’s obvious nikki wants somebody who gone actually say we re in a relationship, dude jus out here f*cking other than that he would ve been had her.

          • FaboLoso

            lol drake fans were all over her instagram and twitter trying to get them together

          • Da Truth

            Nah they in 2 different lanes forreal nikki getting older so after while plastic surgery won’t even hold all her shit up….she kno that clock ticking so she won’t a nigga in the game to wife her up

          • FaboLoso

            I feel a little bad for cuh though..imagine if you were drake and you could get pretty much any female except the one you want.

          • Da Truth

            It’s different tho cause u don’t really want her u just wanna smash so it don’t matter forreal

          • FaboLoso

            yeah and he probably ain’t do that neither

          • Da Truth

            I doubt it

          • FaboLoso

            I don’t that nigga forever gonna be in the friend zone

  • kushxchevys

    When seth rogan and khaled have a kid

  • Allen Smith

    How fuckin ironic….

  • bawse


    • FaboLoso

      lol this ain’t about meek..didn’t drake take nicki from meek? she’s supposed to be drake girl

  • Rafael Worldstar Wetback Navar

    She need someone to help her failing career

  • Worldwide Intentionz

    Drake still has no chance with Nicki lmao.. I bet he saw this pic and instantly had another heartbreak.

  • Spookeysmoker

    Man you can’t enjoy shit thanks to social media and tmz

  • Samisback

    Lol Nicki fans celebrating while Nas fans mad as hell saying they’re disappointed in Nas, sort of funny watching the two fan bases clash.

  • FuckYaCommentB…

    I doubt they’re an item.

  • Trabiscayne

    I’m not a couples therapist but my nigga NAS… he a “cake daddy”. Look at his track record with bitches. 1st baby moms fuck Jigga in his Benz & got cum on the seats. 2nd one KELIS we’ll she finessed TF out this nigga pockets. So with Nicki… we know how this goes but NAS still a top tier GOD MC (talking 1st or 2nd).

  • Je’sus

    Man this nigga promised me and album two years ago. We’re Tf is it?