Multiple People Shot At T.I. Concert

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  • MasonLestat

    So i guess black lives matter is bullshit, if blacks shit on it. You expect others to respect it then?

  • Sir. Slick kool

    Troy Ave gone swear he that nigga now cause he got grazed.

  • Jesse Cheesman

    you live tonight troy ave….but dont worry we all coming for ya… diss steez you die…..count your days you fake ass bitch.

    • hostage

      you commin for that pocket money from yo momma, nothin more .. stop it.

      • ilikemusic.

        He masturbates to Joey Badass Pics

    • Just Los

      TF is queef when u need him

  • Eric Lawson

    damn shit went down

  • Eric Lawson

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  • HotlineQueef

    look at this headline and tell me how the fuck this is news

    • ilikemusic.

      lmaoooo…this went over everyone’s head

    • bigwangslanger

      I literally laughed out loud at your comment master.

  • T guest

    Tory ave n his crew need to sit tf down somewhere

  • Eric Lawson

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  • ilikemusic.

    Still isn’t gonna give his album sales a boost

  • Supreme Trunks

    bruh just a flesh wound.

  • John Doe

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