Mr. Porter: Eminem’s Album Is Finished

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  • Conner

    You must be one of those mumble jumble supporters. Em always doing better numbers then all your favourite rappers

    • Poopmaster

      I can’t stand foo’s who can’t understand or respect what emenim has brought to the hip hop/ music world. One of the best artist out there.

  • Everyone is always talking about “eminem’s album is done” its insane. for the last 15 years

  • Matt Leon

    Can’t wait for Eminem to drop that album and remind some of these niggas who runs this rap shit.

  • Daniel King

    You are dumb and you sound like a fool calling Eminem wack for that comment u don’t have a clue man is one of the best to touch a mic I have grew up to krs one big daddy Kane list could go on I bet u a fan of that wack mumble jumble crap