Montana 300 And King Yella Get At XXXTentacion For His New Look

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  • LatarionMilton

    Who TF is Wynn or Wind from Xmen?
    Did he mean Storm?lol

    • Frank White

      had me google searching and shit

      • LatarionMilton

        Me too, had to make sure I wasnt looking stupid before I commented lol

    • Astronaut

      Thats a good ass questiin fam

    • BeenASavage


    • 100squad

      Xtenntaction look like he gone bite somebody

      • Melo

        And give them rabies.

        • 100squad

          And probably that usher too

    • 100squad

      To get a better understanding of Wynn, I must quote kanye ahem.. “Dcfs kids some of em dyslexic they favorite 50 cent song is 12 questions”

      (Department of children & family services)

    • Johnathan Dough


  • Ishan Pillai

    SoundCloud: The Clout Wars II, coming to iphones and androids near you

  • Allen Smith

    Nigga said wind…. dumm niggas man glad we got J Cole n em

  • XXXTenTrashion

    • frankwhitedc

      Flunkie , get wit , wave/dick rider , listen 2 his album 17, you’ll be surprised

  • Will Kalynuik

    they have no time on their fucking hands, or a life so they find people to rip on.. Pretty sure wearing your pants past your waist, chillin in huge groups of 40 dudes playing with dice and calling yourself gang bangers is more “gay” than anything xxx could do other than suck a dick. Sorry G’s youre fucking basic

    • frankwhitedc

      Well said I must admit , take this W

    • dafuq

      I disagree

  • King T’Challa

    Yet that nigga Yella looks like the mole rat from Kim Possible