Miley Cyrus Rips Hip Hop On The Way Out

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  • Scott Toney


    • BrodieThaGod

      Hundred percent.

    • The Incredible

      I mean, I feel her. I don’t roc with a lot of rap that I used to anymore for some of the same reasons.

      • Myleage

        she literally made a song about Wrecking ball, riding it like a wrecking ball, and tried to make twerking popular. then once she made her money, she realized she was white and needed to be “cleaned up” in order to make the big bucks in white circles. so she just being a hypocrite.

        • The Incredible

          Or she just matured fam. I see your point though.

          • Gsondagreat

            I understand your point on maturing but her team realized she wont make big bucks being “blackwashed” so they’re telling her to denounce all ties to the “hip hop” world cause country wont accept her if she dont.

          • burk

            Exactly, they trying to re-brand her music. That hip hop experiment didn’t go too well for Katy perry either

          • Myleage

            nah it aint about maturing…it’s about whitewashing her brand from negros to make that money. she gonna make another record about sex but have it wrapped in teeny-pop packaging

          • The Incredible

            Ok fam. I mean, you referenced a song she laid down when she was 19 to judge her at 24. I see where you’re at. To each his own bruh.

          • Myleage

            bitches do the same thing at 24. She’s rich in Hollywood. ALL THEY DO IS DRUG AND SEX. look at Katty Perry. There’s been reports she says “Nigga” all the time, but her IMAGE is clean and they plan to keep it that way. All i’m saying is, there is hardly any maturing between 19 and 24 when you rich and Hollywood. all of this is lip service to appease her constituents. I really do not give a fuck anyway cuz I never liked her music

          • Spookeysmoker

            Chill bruh you going in to deep please a lot of people don’t understand because they not really into the culture of rap because they like it their into it because it’s the cool thing now to like rap and hip hop

          • Spookeysmoker

            One question then why are you on a hip hop site if you “matured” I still love rap because what I been thru I’ve matured changed seen a lot but I still relate must be different when you don’t grow from the environment of the music you like

          • The Incredible

            I came up in gang infested neighborhoods down south and on the west coast fam, I’ve been around some shit but never indulged in that stuff myself. You’re misreading my comment though. I still like rap/hip hop, I just gravitated away from the kill a nigga, shoot a nigga, sell his momma dope for no reason type of rap. I see it for what it is now. Miley may see it too, that’s all i’m saying. I’m not speaking in absolutes though, I could be wrong..but how that’s not a logical possibility to some of ya’ll is concerning. lol.

          • Myleage

            she went from “good girl” then when ppl move on to bad boy Justin Beiber, she “re-invented” herself into the twerking goddess and not that ppl moved on from her again to “good girl” Adele, she now wants to be a “good girl” again. but now that Katty Perry and Arianna Grande and Bruno Mars and other pop and rock artists/bands are featuring rappers, I guarantee you she will have another hip-hop record

  • T guest

    She’s just confused about rap and hiphop

  • Supreme Trunks

    You’re so not that?….you ordered a black dik cake for your birthday and licked it n took a photo wit it.

    • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

      you feel me though? shits crazy

  • jamaicasproblem


    • Alex Lowery

      pretty much and people always saying one person is coping another so fuck it

    • Spookeysmoker

      Nah it’s who you listen to and promotes datpiff have so many great lyrical rappers but I dou

      • Matt Leon

        I don’t listen to nobody on datpiff unless I’ve heard them before. There’s some lyrical and fire mixtapes from lyrical rappers out there that I’d love to hear over a Lil Yachty and Uzi Vert any day but for every dope underground artist that has a mixtape on datpiff, there’s some that will be Whack as FUCK. I used to search on that site for some hot mixtapes but sometimes datpiff be promoting some whack rappers that I can’t get into.

        • Spookeysmoker

          Nah you can’t go off most they shut they sponsee it’s paid for just sometimes pick a random nigga everyday and give it a spin it’s so many consocius rappers and lyrical guys out there some of them one hit wonders and never drop again but they won’t when niggas don’t show love cause they not everywhere on the internet

          • Matt Leon

            I might give it a shot again at some point when I’m needing some new shit to listen to

          • Spookeysmoker

            Yea I mean granted it’s a lot of searching but I catch the bus to work to save gas and that when I give listens

  • Astronaut

    She’s just being “Real and True”

  • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

    Man, this the same bitch on stage wit her ass out licking the side of another woman’s face….Definition of a culture vulture/hypocrite…Use the sound, get a platinum plaque out of it, then ditch the sound…GTFOOH….

  • Dundada

    This bitch is best friends with cock..she’s brings several to all her live shows!


    Lyrics like that are only from certain types of rap. For her to refer to that as what “pushed her out of the hip-hop scene” is completely pigeonholing hip-hop music. There are a million rappers out who say nothing like those lyrics she’s referencing.

    • disqus_Gd952rt1Pw

      yea but they suck

      • Je’sus

        Chance, Vic. Mick Jenkins. Nas, Damian Marley, Andre, logic, big Sean, Cole, Travis scott, b o b, Krit .That crap she speaks of is just hype music on the radio

        • Matt Leon

          I can agree with most of your list but Cole and Chance. I can’t speak for the rest of them but Chance on DJ Khaled’s “The One” says “…Then she went and put that booty on that Gucci belt
          We don’t got no label
          She say she want bottles
          She ain’t got no table
          She don’t got no bed frame
          She don’t got no tables
          We just watchin’ Netflix
          She ain’t got no cable, okay though
          Plug, plug, plug, I’m the plug for her
          She want a nigga that pull her hair and hold the door for her
          Baby, that’s only me
          Bitch, it okay with me
          Baby, okay, okay though”
          And J.Cole’s G.O.M.D. It’s more him just saying to get off his dick but still it’s basically it. I agree with y’all that miley is just stereotyping hiphop but those two may not be the best examples.

          • Je’sus

            I’m not saying never said something of that content but, they can actually rap unlike migos and other rappers .

          • Matt Leon

            Oh I got you lol. My bad. But yeah I agree. Those guys are definitely the shining light of hip hop

    • Cultured

      Thank you! You’re absolutely right! That’s the hip hop lane she decided to go in. She exposed herself just now. It’s a simple minded thing to pigeonhole hip hop because that’s the hip hop you decided to listen to and perform. Her hip hop was about that, not all hip hop.

  • kushxchevys

    Disneys star turned biggest thot lol lyin asssss hoe she loves lambos and sittin on cocks bitch even loves anal

  • Serendogg

    wigga please

  • Mec-One

    Vulture finished picking over the culture …….
    No, thanks to all the sambos who helped & co-signed that harlot

  • Gsondagreat

    This chick just wanted to be black for a second until she started experiencing black problems then she realize being white meant all her trash wouldnt be aired everyday by the white media

    • Myleage

      EXACTLY! she stopped all that twerking stuff cuz white parents dont want 12 year old Susie to be a slut

  • FaboLoso

    Damn she’s a straight culture vulture

  • ChiCity300

    see how whites can come in hip hop then get out. shit crazy, black artists do this shit too.

  • Andrew Trevillian

    Oh she is so that. But hip hop isn’t the genre anymore. Its dance and electro R&B.


    Ladies and gentleman, she has been finally introduced to a nigga who ain’t shit

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    She’s growing up

    • The Incredible

      That’s really what it seems like. She stopped drinking/smoking too. Either that or she tryin to impress somebody.

  • L boog

    She is dating that white dude now.. His family and friendd are not that.. I live in Wisconsin where all white women go black and go back.. Dont take it personal lol.. She is growing up and want to look good for dude circle.. She is Hollywood tho so it is a phase

  • Mike

    Lieing to kick it you go platinum on your hip hop album now hiphop not for you fucked with our culture made ya money now you gone foh

  • Mike Savage

    why the fuck is she even talking…… she is super saiyen thot ,she like the queen of thats breh. just act stupid like you used to do that’s how ur brand urself anyways goddamn smh. tryna spread dat thot knowledge to the world lmfao

  • S&S

    Content is a little stale….gotta find something else to rap about

  • youareincorrectbitchnigga

    this crack hoe should be the last to speak on content

  • Craig

    Hip hop was like that before you tried to be down and you know that. That bitch is just switching sides because she trying to get back in her old circle.

  • Cuban Pete

    Culture vulture. Typical ‘white kid fucking with hip hop to rebel against whatever’.
    Good fucking riddance vulture.

  • Spookeysmoker

    Things white people can do with no problem lol

  • Herb

    Eventually someone gets tired of hearing the same bs in hip hop. When I was a teenager I didn’t mind, but as an adult I can’t listen to most of the garbage I grew up on.

  • Eptoday

    Bangerz isn’t her last solo album