Migos’s ‘Culture’ Goes Platinum

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  • Supreme Trunks

    Congrats to my boys gettin platinum. Hope they get more on the way. I know Wale going to feel sore about it though

  • The Incredible


  • BrodieThaGod

    Culture was fire. They definitely deserve that plat.

  • A Jay

    They this gen Ying Yang twins but 3 of them lol

  • Frank White

    I just couldn’t get over all the capitalized D’s in this statement

  • A Jay

    A little less wack overall lol

  • KawantA

    Migos get so much hate, I would have never thought Culture would have went Platnium, most rap albums don’t even go platinum anymore unless you’re top tier i.e. Drake, Kendrick, Cole, Jay, Ye. I can already taste the smell the salt off Wale

  • Herb

    All thanks to childish Gambino.

  • tweef thugger

    yung rich nation went so hard. trap classic

  • d1gord

    Tupac is rolling over in his grave right now

  • d1gord

    I’ll go first. They suck. Congrats tho