Migos Announce New Album

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  • Herbz 4 Breakfast

    Announces new album? That shit been announced & named. Good to see it’s finally coming out, I just hope I haven’t already heard the majority of the album

  • ilikemusic.

    What a dumb album cover

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    Bet money the same muthafucka who made Kanye West’s “Life Of Pablo” cover made this shit.

    • Luis Rodrigues

      stil have a better cover than Tlop

  • SloanTheDon

    Finally, the last full Migos project was Yrn 2 last january

  • TKingLives

    Im ready

  • Craig

    I swear offset is Lil Darryl in the flesh.

  • Craig

    Quavo just needs to go solo and keep doing hooks for other rappers.