Migos Amends Deal To Include Major Labels

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  • Tunechi!

    My nigga migos making big plays and finessing a check, the street fck with you heavy slime

  • SloanTheDon

    “our partnership with Motown/Capitol they have shown us that this is the right home to take our business to a global platform”

    So Bad and Boujee isn’t already global? Migos aren’t already global? Nigga how you make multi millions and still do deals wit labels.

    • ♯HI|| BI||Y☆ひ

      Fr shits corny

  • XanMan

    I thought they was w GOOD Music too

    • DonCDaCapo

      They said shit ain’t never fall through

      • XanMan

        Oh word ? Damn lol .

  • dhusu

    “driving youth culture as they break boundaries” HAHA joke of the year

  • DonCDaCapo

    Fuck around nd be in a 360 deal