Migos Almost Fought Joe Budden After Tough Interview [VIDEO]

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  • ChiCity1988

    DJ Akademiks going to get rocked one day…Just watch

    • L boog

      Oml buddy started that shit.. knowing dude vocab and shit short af so he made fun of him by asking that question 3xs. He’s a lame bro

      • YoungPrime

        To be fair I couldn’t understand what they were saying either.

    • Lightbright Popi

      Thank you! Someone with common sense. Joe was just caught in the crossfire of His dumbass co-host who obviously can’t do interviews. Vic Mensa was ready for that ass. Migos was just ready to box with any and everybody. Need to pick and choose your battles.

    • flex

      Exactly bro. He caused all this. First off that was a controversial question, second at least pay attention to what the dude said. Now I didn’t hear it that clearly the first time but the second time I got it. That whole thing got awkward and led up to the confrontation

  • Chris Brown crew ran up on Migos like…
    Idgaf what ignorant bullshit these people fighting about TODAY
    TOMORROW it will be some new shit

  • Rafael Worldstar Wetback Navar

    Fagos waited for security and their entourage to run up just like with chris brown these pussy ass niggas aint about catching the fade feminine ass bitch niggas

  • joe budden think every young rap nigga gone go out like yachty….he gone get raekwon’d again just on the strength of this show lol

    • disqus_Gd952rt1Pw

      yachty bodied joe tho

      • Rafael Worldstar Wetback Navar

        The fuck you mean that faggot got his feelings hurt

      • nah. you gotta troll harder than that.

        yachty didn’t body joe, he stood his ground…but joe still pulled shit with him he wouldn’t with a lot of other ppl.

        • imaginationsequation

          Joe stood his ground after wu ran up on him too. They gave Joe props on how he handled it

          • true…im just sayin he gonna get snuffed again

          • imaginationsequation

            I wonder if the one who does it will be alone or with a mob of folk

          • I predict it’ll happen on his show or either backstage…I mean shit it’s joe budden. consequence of all ppl ran up on joe.

          • imaginationsequation

            yea but consequence snuck him on a reality show, it wasnt straight up. I don’t understand to brawl or sneak someone in front of security and police, kinda dumb and suckerish

          • true…I agree

          • YoungPrime

            Exactly, Joe confronted Consequence earlier that season and Consequence was copin plea’s. So to hit him from behind after weeks of claiming things were cool was a coward move.

          • YoungPrime

            Right, then Consequence got punched in the face by Tihary and beat up outside.

    • Samisback

      You mean when Raekwon got his bodyguard to beat up Joe Budden but when Joe asked for a fair one he didn’t wanna do it? ain’t that the same shit yall gettin on Meek about but now you’re praise Raekwon for it? lol, see what I mean? hypocrites

      • no praise…just said he gonna get snuffed again. you should look up the definition of words like praise before you use them.

        either way…

        not the same situation. there weren’t tons of ppl calling raekwon a bitch in every spoken word language and he picked the weakest of the targets to challenge. joe dissed meth and him and rae spoke man to man before any physyical, joe still ran his mouth and ONE person punched him in his shit.

        meek literally got a dude tryin every angle of his manhood…but all we get is him tryna pack a weak nigga out over a bitch, old head sigel, quentin miller of all ppl, but not the nigga who shittin on him major. if he even addressed game in the same manor he’d get more respect. as it stands he got a coward heart.

        if there were tons of ppl callin out raekwon and he only responded to joe, the situation would be the same.

        still at the end of the day…if you got all kinda ppl callin you out and you only respond to the softest nigga…you a coward. you tryna pick the person who poses the least threat…that means you got NO HEART. still fair is fair…if joe wanted a one on one fade and he wouldn’t run one they in the same boat as meek.

        • Thee_One1

          you wrote a term paper

        • Samisback

          Lmao@you typing all that out..I got you upset because you know I’m right..you’re dick riding Raekwon for running in a room with 7-8 guys and having his bodyguard beat up Joe Budden and then dodging the fade afterwards, but you literally was on the other article just yesterday killing Meek for doing the same thing, and now you’re angry because I called you out on it, like I said keep it consistent, how you look praising one man for pulling something like that but condemning another? hold this L

          • smh who get upset about internet shit?

            you still using words you don’t even know the definition to and now you’re flat out lying, ignoring facts, and reaching to cape for ya hero meek. it’s sad. remember bruh…meek don’t know or care about you. im out.

          • Samisback

            peace out hypocrite

      • BeenASavage

        let it go

  • Blac

    You soundin pretty salty yourself though. You act like you’re forced to pay attention to him.

    • Lu326

      I mean I commented on a post involving him, pretty sure I can say whatever I want. You act like I’m forced to like the nigga. Ima assume you a fan of his & that’s why you so hurt.

      • Blac

        I’m not complaining, you are. I’m just saying you acting hypocritical. Not saying you can’t be. Learn how to read. And nah, I don’t like the emo introspection that he does.

        • Lu326

          if I’m being “hypocritical”and you’re not complaining,why do you care?Im not gonna argue with you over Joe budden lol Ima continue to think he’s annoying & you can polish his head or something. Bye

          • Blac

            I feel you kid. Be Good.

    • YoungPrime


  • Blac

    Joe might wanna back down from this one. Cats weak on the vocab game don’t mess around.

    • Thee_One1

      dumb savages

    • JohnDrach

      But when you cross the vocab game with the 70’s gear that’s when you know you’re done

      • Blac

        lol real shit

  • James-America

    Joey hit da dash on dem boys. Joe betta stay in his lane

  • imaginationsequation

    shout out to Joe for his low tolerance of cooning and whack artist….just walk away from the dumb shit, I do the same thing at work and everyday life

  • Manny Bravo

    DJ Akademiks trying to understand Takeoff was the best part of the episode.

    • imaginationsequation

      The back n fourth with the camera made it funny

    • flex

      “the episode” lmaoo tune in next week for the next exciting episode hahahah

      • Jacoby

        it’s a talk show? so yes, there are multiple “episodes”… tf you talking about?

      • Zeek Lowe

        Flex, they got a show bruh

        • flex

          my g I don’t watch that shit I thought it was a interview hahah

      • Manny Bravo

        Catch “Everyday Struggle” on Complex, Monday through Thursday at 11 a.m.

  • LatarionMilton

    Niggas even mumble talk, smh.

  • Miami_Mayor24

    joe budden is doing anything to stay relevant

    • YoungPrime

      So are you with this comment.

      • Miami_Mayor24

        -Pump it Up fan

  • kushxchevys

    One of em should have just took fleight for the disrespect lol even akademics making him repeat himself he knew dam well what taleoff said. Taleoff should have took off on him lol

  • Nate

    It’s easy to jump up and be hard with your whole crew. New niggas can’t handle shit one deep

  • HotlineQueef

    i mean they split shit 3 ways no matter who is on the song so thats why takeoff is pissed cause they just dont understand how close all 3 of them are

  • Trip6

    clearly staged

    • imaginationsequation

      I thought that too, just like that meek tape the other day

  • You mad huh?

    budden was actually leaving because of akedemiks not closing the interview. the migos took it as him walking away from them.

  • YoungPrime

    Those Migos clowns were acting like they didn’t wanna be there from the start. Joe didn’t wanna be there either and left.

  • JohnDrach

    Some of those Twitter comments made me spit out some of my coffee lol

  • just another white nigga

    this is the dumbest shit i ever seen. i aint never seen someone roll up their sleeves n do somethin. necklaces n shades would be comin off. second, they on tv. they on TV. this rap beef shit is so far from street anymore.

  • White Guilt

    New York Negus always hating and Joe Budden is always taking L’s. He don’t want no more Green Room action.

  • Flame Taylor

    Joe on the route to being the oldhead in this rapgame that just hate on young niggas for no reason. That was a hoe move.

    • Blac

      1. Joe likes Migos.
      2. He always gives reasons as to why he dislikes certain people.

  • Alex Delarge

    ODB, Big Pun, & Biggie = my top 3 mumble rappers

  • Ye’

    Joe needs to get smacked one good time

  • Craig

    Joe funny, but on the real, it seems like he is just salty that his job is to interview rappers instead of being a rapper. It does not matter if you dont like the group. Your job is to interview the hottest groups out and migos is one of the top groups right now. You either do your job and shut up or get another job. Dropping the mic just because you dont want to interview migos anymore is childish. He should have never sat down to do it just let Akademiks have it.

  • ALtheGreat

    Fuck what everybody saying. Joe dropping dat mic was uncalled for.

  • Lord_Farquad

    Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think he walked off set trying to disrespect the Migos…I think there was another reason. Did anybody else get that?