Metro Boomin Explains Who He Trusts And Doesn’t Trust

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  • ilikemusic.

    Well thanks for clearing all that up Mr. Boomin

    • Disordah1027


  • CJ

    oh boy, what a fascinating article, idk how this isn’t the front page on every single newspaper in america. top-tier journalism, A+

  • John Doe

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  • yourstomine

    Who gives a fuck who Metro trusts Smh idiots

    • Disordah1027

      you stole my comment,,,I was about to post exactly the same shit,,,,lmao,,,,,I would love for this nigga here to indulge us by answerin that question,,,,,,,,Who gives a flyin turd who you trust or not????

    • DLloyd1985

      Because you will be shot if he doesn’t trust you

  • Disordah1027

    I gotta admit this article brought me alot of laughs,,,,of course bcz of the comments,,,,yall killed me,,,lmfao!!!!!

  • dhusu

    ya’ll took it to far with this shit. it’s just a drop, leave it at that. there’s many others out there just like it, every producer has one.

  • Supreme Trunks

    Thanks HHE but is Dj Ill Will really your wifey’s favorite DJ? Does Dj Khaled really believe we the best?More at 11